Thursday, July 18

Swabeng Thought: Breaking Streaks and Missing FHM's 100 Sexiest Party for the first time since 2007

Its been a week since FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory Party 2013. My friends were a bit confused on why I didn't attend this event. For someone like me who doesn't say no when it comes to attending these kinds of events. Its like meeting old friends as well as new ones while covering the event, who would want to miss this right?

Even my former boss called me "nuts" when I told him I'll be skipping this year's party. He's right, but not completely. I could have used one of my leave credits to join the guys but still, I know there will come a time that I'll be joining my friends again on this occasion. But for now, I have to stick to my plan to have a good record here at work.

For the time being, no pictures. Sorry guys. =P

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