Monday, July 1

Swabeng Thoughts: Second Half of 2013, What happened on the First Half?

To be honest, its hard to put into words where and how to start. I mean six months have gone by without much notice. I guess a lot of things have happened during the first half of the year.

With my new work, there is much to learn and much to be done. Yet I feel very blessed to land a job that gives me good pay with extra benefits that allow me to save more than enough for Marien's future. I hope I get regularized so I could save more and at the same time, learn more new things at work. The first few months I spent here in my new office translates to years I've done with my previous one. With everything new in here, its a plus for me as my resume would definitely go up a couple of notches. 

At the same time, I got to invest in two good pairs of running shoes that I have yet to use for its purpose other than for work. I wish I could have all the time in the world to start running (finally) and get back to tiptop shape. Some habits are really tough to break but I still give it a shot even if it takes a long time. Getting healthy again won't happen overnight, not just in the first six months.

It took me a while before I could start editing some old photos and I'm almost done with 2011 and starting with 2012. Sacrificing good sleep to edit 1-2 sets each night is not that easy with minimal light as my guide. Still, I have complete faith in all of my shots. I had to sacrifice some weekends that I should have been outside taking photos but instead, I'm baby-sitting. Anyway, I hope I my backlog would be back to zero before the year ends. 

Some books gave me enough reason why I should expand my horizon even more. I never regretted spending extra money just to acquire them. Those books were mostly on saving and investing but it doesn't mean that I won't be buying photography-related books as well as my monthly magazine-fix. My room back in Laguna would be filled in less than 5 years and I might as well have to buy or let my dad build another cabinet. 

Raising a two-year old daughter with a mischievous genes like I have, its really a challenge not to scold her nor spank her. I don't want to sound strict but there are times I need to do it until she cries and her mom comforts her (her mom does the same but it doesn't work =P). I only pray every night to have more than enough patience to raise my daughter as calmly as possible. I could only imagine how hard it is if Marien had a twin. Could be catastrophic XD. 

Well I guess I would look forward to the second half of the year. For better or for worse (like a marriage vows), I'm sure I'll be a better man after 2013. 

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