Thursday, July 4

Marien 365: Week 39 (Day 267 - 273)

Day 267: Looks like she's enjoying her book with her aunt.

Day 267

Day 268: Her mom is already awake.

Day 268

Day 268: I mean, she just got up from her morning nap. XD

Day 268

Day 269: Just got up and fixing her bed already.

Day 269

Day 269: My baby woke me up wanting to have a picture. XD

Day 269

Day 269: Marien: Daddy! Gimme that camera!

Day 269

Day 270: I see the light. XD

Day 270

Day 271: Feeding time.

Day 271

Day 272: Doing her beautiful eyes?!?

Day 272

Day 273: Thinking?

Day 273

Okay, a few more weeks to go. XD

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