Friday, July 19

Marien 365: Week 42 (Day 288 - 294)

Day 288: Watching TV while tita takes a catnap

Day 288

Day 289: She want's to walk again.

Day 289

Day 290: Trying to help her lola in their stuff.

Day 290

Day 290: It seems she's playing more than helping. XD

Day 290

Day 290: The last of her digicam days. Time to move forward. XD

Day 290

Day 291: After acquiring a new camera, the best way to do a test shot is to take a picture of the who purchased my camera. XD

Day 291

Day 292: Being the playful she is, she tried to get something from the kitchen.

Day 292

Day 293: Giggles!

Day 293

Day 294: Before taking her morning nap, she looked-up at the camera.

Day 294

It's nice to use a DSLR again. I'm gonna miss my old digicam as it deserves a peaceful rest. XD

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