Monday, July 22

Swabeng Thoughts: Seven-Eight-Nine

Yesterday, while we attended the 3:00pm mass at The Edsa Shrine, we were listening attentively to Fr. Dave Concepcion's Homily. The first few words that came to my mind were seven-eight-nine. When you add up all three of them, you'll come up with twenty-four.

There are twenty-four hours in a day (of course all of us knows). Father Dave even shared how to use seven-eight-nine hours wisely. Seven hours for rest (sleep); Eight hours for work; and Nine hours for everything else. Being said, he doesn't see any reason why most people would say they don't have all the time in the world. That was also one of my problems back then (and sometimes, even now).

For starters, I work eight hours a day for five days. Then I get seven (sometimes six, sometimes eight) hours of rest. And the remaining nine hours are for everything else and I get more during my days-off. Good thing where I work now doesn't require to work overtime which I have sixteen hours left in a day.

Getting enough sleep is very important to me to function at 110%. Seven hours of sleep is enough. Say I get only six or five, I could still live with that (probably because I need to do a lot of things). Less than five hours of sleep would make me a bit irritated and get me extra cups of coffee just to keep me awake. They say that the lesser you sleep, the fatter you get (and prone to a lot of illnesses) and by far, this happened to me already this year. If you ask me, my best sleeping time would be from 10:00pm to 5:00am so my body could repair itself while I rest.

After work and sleep comes other things. It seems that nine hours is more than enough to do almost everything. On my work days, two to three hours would be for commuting to and from the office; Two hours for either editing pictures or going online; And the rest would be spending time with my daughter as I have the task of taking care of my daughter in the morning by the time she wakes up until I leave for work.

On weekends (or rest days) I have seventeen hours to do a lot of things. My activities ranges from baby-sitting Marien to going out to take pictures on events among other things. I try to catch-up online and update some of my drafts that hopefully get posted sometime soon XD. Sometimes, I try to get some more rest by joining my daughter in her long afternoon naps that sometimes gets me into trouble getting sleep XD. 

What I wanted to say is, you simply need to manage your time well. You don't have any reason why you won't be able to do something. Before I forget, you don't have any reason why you won't be able to go to church to hear mass or pray to give thanks for all the blessings he showers upon us. 

How about you, how do you spend your twenty four hours? 

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