Wednesday, March 6

FHM 13th Anniversary Issue: An empire with Empress

For those who still remember, last year's anniversary issue of FHM was made famous because of a few controversies that some people thinks its a racist issue. Remember how Bela Padilla together with a few models (in black) posed on the cover just to make her fans happy. Apparently racists raised eyebrows about it. Though eventually, the management decided to change the cover and make it subtle (bad move IMHO).

Her Highness Empress

Taking a look at the cover, I'm sure those hypocrites from last year would sure be pleased on just how TV just got hotter. And since its a Bikini Heaven special, I'm sure guys would look forward to own a copy. Plus with new portion on Abby vs Jahziel, you'd get your eyes glued. 

Grab a copy now before its gone. =P

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