Sunday, January 20

The Week That Was (January 13 - 19)

Sunday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I started going online again for me to clear-up on some things. Then I went out to buy Sunday's Paper which I was able to read while Migmig was busy with her mom and her other aunts and uncles. At around 2:00pm, we dressed-up and went to Robinson's Galeria as my wife wants to upgrade her existing phone according to plan. We got there early so we attended mass at Edsa Shrine with Father Dave Concepcion was the one officiated the mass. After attending mass, we went inside the mall and went straight to the Sun Shop. As my wife had to wait for about an hour or so, we had our late lunch at Burgoo. Migmig was asleep during the entire lunch which my wife and I were able to do the things that needs to be done. We strolled around the mall and left there at almost 7:00pm. I went online that night before going to bed and call it a day.

Monday: Got up late at past 7:30am as I went online right away to do some updates. By 8:30am, I went out to do some bank transactions before getting back home at 9:00am. I took Migmig downstairs so she could have breakfast while I had mine. Migmig fell asleep at 2:00pm which gave me enough time to go online and update some of my backlogs. Good thing I was able to finish a few before Migmig got up and awake. The rest of the morning were spend downstairs as most of the day was pretty much the same with the rest. Since I didn't renew my contract, life here was pretty much a routine but still I didn't regret that move as I know something better would come for me in God's time.

Tuesday: Got up at past 6:00am but Migmig got awake so I had to put her back to sleep until she fell asleep at 7:30am. I went online and do as much as I could before she got up again at10:30am. Imagine, she slept again for 3 hours as I thought she won't fell asleep again. We went down to have some breakfast and after Nanay gave my daughter a bath, we spend more time upstairs in our room. She played but I didn't let her use our tablet as it may affect her eyesight at a very young age. She fell asleep at past 2:00pm which I fell asleep as well for about an hour before I got to my senses and went online until she got up. Then we had our late lunch again as I watch some TV while she's busy playing and keeping me on my toes. By night time, I went online again before calling it a day.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:00am as the chilly morning preventedme from getting up despite setting my alarm at 6:00am. I went online right away so I could finish a few backlogs before Migmig gets up. She got up at around 10:00am as I gave her some breakfast to start the day. Pretty much the same, our activities that day revolves on just taking care of my baby before going online then eat then babysit some more. I also received a call for an interview the next day but the call got cut-off as my phone ran out of battery. I wasn't able to get the details that I need and I hope they would send me an SMS about it. By night time, I went online outside as I need a faster connection before going to sleep.

Thursday: Got up at 6:30am as I have a scheduled interview at 10:00am. I got to stretch some of my muscles before taking a bath and having breakfast. I got to leave home by 8:00am and I took my wife's tablet with me to keep me busy. I got to Makati at around 9:40am and started to go to RCBC Tower 2 by foot. When I got to the company for my interview, I noticed how clean and calm the place was, not to mention the large LCD monitors on each workstation. I wish I had one at home for editing purposes. I was handed a piece of paper to write something while waiting for my interview. I was asked to write two essays that has something to do with work. It gave me time to re-assess again my goals and targets for the year before I hand over my paper to my interviewer. My interview with her went well as the questions were pretty much simple and straight-forward. I left the building at 11:00am and head straight to SM Megamall. When I got there, I was able to claim my Coffee Book from Bo's (I'll write a blog about this) but CBTL's planner was currently out-of-stock. I had lunch at Masuki which I missed having a bowl of "mami" and their "siopao". I bought some pasalubong at Moshi Manju before arriving home at past 2:00pm. From there, I took care of Migmig and put her to sleep before I went online. The rest of the day was pretty much the same with the last few days still.

Friday: I got awake at 6:30am but my body seems to want some more so I slept for more than an hour and got up at almost 8:00am. I did some bank transactions that my wife requested the other night and got back a couple of minutes later. Migmig got up early at 9:00am as my wife left for work early at 10:00am. My daughter and I spent a couple of minutes downstairs before Nanay comes home and gives her a bath. Then we went upstairs for her playtime before putting her to sleep at 2:00pm. For the past couple of days, I've been having this "Blogger's Block" which is similar to writers block. I can't seem to complete some of the draft posts that should have been completed but I hope I could fight this and lessen my backlogs. Internet connection is pretty intermittent as its running really slow. The afternoon was pretty much slow except at night, I almost lost my cool when my daughter threw some tantrums again that seems to get the worst of me. I mean, I don't want to but my wife told me (and I should) double check on my temper. I went outside to go online and to cool down as well. Maybe that's all I need to cool down and keep my temper in check. When I got back, both of them were already asleep which gave me time to go to bed and joined them.

Saturday: With the chilly weather still in the Metro, I got up at past 6:30am even if I'm already awake at 6:00am. I was able to go online and update some of my backlogs. Thank God I was able to finish a couple of them before Migmig got up. And by the time she got up, we went to SM Centerpoint to have breakfast at Bonchon and bought some wipes for her before going back home at 12:00pm. I was able to put her to bed by 2:30pm and went online again to do some more posts. she got up at almost 5:00pm and she had her late lunch. We went out that night but I had to bring her jacket to protect her from the chilly weather outside. I let her play with her new friends for a couple of minutes before we went back home. For a change, I didn't go out that night to go online. Instead, I spent some time with my family before going to bed. But not without going online at the comfort of our bedroom. XD

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