Sunday, January 20

Marien 365: Week 6 (Day 36 - 42)

Again, these pictures were taken last 2011 so imagine how big she is now =P

Day 36: My baby is still sleepy.

 Day 36

Day 37: She still feels sleepy and groggy as she just got up again.

Day 37

Day 38: Marien: Mommy, I don't think its cold even if the air condition is on. XD

Day 38

Day 39: Taken a few minutes past midnight of Day 38. This is the usual time I take her pictures while she's fully awake at night.

 Day 39

Day 40: Shhhhh. She's sleeping so be quiet. XD

 Day 40

Day 41: After taking her out, I put her to sleep on our sofa. Then I saw a good angle showing my traits then "click"

 Day 41

Day 42: She looks at her mom probably asking what's for breakfast. XD

Day 42

Week 7, coming up. XD

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