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Swabeng Tips for a Balanced Life

While doing some rounds in facebook, I stumbled on this post on these tips on having a balanced life. As were more than halfway through this month, I'm sure most of us would be pretty loaded with activities and doing some of our 2013 resolutions. As they say "All work and no play would make life boring" 

Anyway, here are some tips for a balanced life which I got from (some of her posts are really helpful to newbies like me XD). Swabeng thoughts would be in Blue

1. Visualize Your Dreams and Goals: Take a few minutes each day to visualize yourself living out your dreams. Create a mental picture of your goals. Seeing yourself already achieving your goals makes the brain believe that it is possible. Doing this is also a fantastic stress reliever. I started doing this since December of last year and yes, it somehow makes my day less stressful. ^_^

2. Feed Your Body Well: Good nutrition can help prevent illness and disease. Make sure to have at least 5 serving of fruits and vegetables a day in various colors. Eating different colors will give you a multitude of valuable disease fighting nutrients. Also make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water transports nutrients throughout your body, cleans out your body, and eases digestion. I guess I'll have to eat more fruits and veggies as well as lessen my meat intake too.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: You’ve heard it before but exercise is a critical component to leading a well balanced life. Being physically fit gives you a positive outlook on life and reduces your risk of disease. It doesn’t matter how you get your exercise, it just matters that you get it on a regular basis. Make exercise a priority in your life! This is perhaps the key point that I should work on as hard as I can. I've been saying this to myself but the exercise I've been doing so far is walking.

4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: It is important to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile. This will help you achieve personal growth and confidence. Face something you wouldn’t normally do and you just may surprise yourself and give your self confidence a boost at the same time.

5. Live in the Present: Force yourself to let go of the past and not to worry about the future. Live for today! Look at your life as it is right now and count your blessings. Enjoy today as it won’t be here tomorrow. I don't see any reason why linger in the past and assume the future. Simply enjoy the day and be as happy and productive as you can be.

6. Live by the Golden Rule: We all know the golden rule is to “treat others how you yourself wish to be treated” but how many of us actually live this way? Make a conscious effort to treat others well and to be understanding of other peoples feelings. The world would be a much better place if we all lived by this simple rule. If living simply means to live by the Golden rule, so let it be and lets see.

7. Have Integrity: This tip is as simple as this: Be who you really are. Live your life according to your own beliefs and you will have peace and harmony in life. Don’t let others convince you to be someone you are not. Be true to yourself. Well, simply life without any pretensions.

8. Expect the Unexpected: Learn how to deal with the small misfortunes that are inevitable in life. Don’t let yourself get stressed and upset over things you have no control over. There will always be traffic, computers crash, kids get sick, etc. Accept and realize that anything can happen and learn how to adjust your game plan. This tip is the one I like the most. When all things that are planned fails, be ready for your plan b or simply pray and hope for the best.

9. Know Your Priorities: Focus your energies on what is most important to you at the current stage in your life. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many major projects at one time. Trying to do everything at once is a recipe for disaster. And I couldn't agree more. I had to do some big things at the same time only to end up finishing none. Right now, I'm doing things one at a time. Though its a little more time consuming but the results would be more evident in the end.

10. Always Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude: As you begin each day, have the intention of making the best of it. Count your blessings and look for the good in your life every single day. Train yourself not to let things get to you. Realize that once you’ve done everything in your control it is time to let your life unfold. Nothing beats positivity and good vibes. Though I need a temper check from time to time to make sure life is as steady as it is. ^_^

Do you have other ways to live a balanced life? Please let me know. ^_^


  1. Do you also have a dream book or a vision board where you put all your dreams and goals? I do have one to even make my mind practice exercising to see my dreams to reality. :)

  2. I like to expect the unexpected always as life's surprises can really make life interesting.

  3. I always visualize my goal for the day.. even jotting down notes on things I need to accomplish.. very effective strategy.. sometimes it also helps if you visualize your goal before sleeping.. helps a lot in keeping you organized the whole day :)

  4. These tips are worth noting because it helps people keep track of their goals and make concrete plans to achieve them.

  5. i think i need a break and get myself collected and begin with Tip #1. :( note to self today: it all begin with thoughts and never too late for goals or rewriting goals...

  6. I don't want to expect because to much expectation can ruin you. I like to believe in balance and simple life always.

  7. Always THINK POSITIVE. If you have this you will no longer suffer emotional stress. An attitude that anticipates HEALTH and SUCCESS.

  8. Interesting how we can improve our lifestyle by following amazingly simple pointers. very nice indeed

  9. those things mentioned above is absolutely undoubtedly pretty much important. just add to manage your time by listing urgent thing to not quiet important.

  10. Those are great tips for a better life. My weakness is I am more of the 'safe' person, wherein I follow calculated move and going out of my comfort zone or taking risks is not my cup of tea.

  11. These are great tips. However, I find one rule very hard to do...exercise, exercise, exercise. lols! as much as I want to exercise regularly, I'm too lazy to do it. :(

  12. I have goals since I was A kid. As a child from a family me and all my siblings dreamt of something big, we visualized, worked on it and follows the golden rule.Now,I can say we did it. My family back home has their own business.I got my dream of living abroad ,married to a foreigner(yeah, you go it, that was my childhood dream).

    For a balance life, I am guilty of exercising regularly.

  13. Great thoughts and points bro Mark! I am a fan of Kristi Hines and her blog as well. She indeed shares a lot of great things in there, not only for blogging and SEO stuffs, but for life as a whole.

    Oh, I think Cheat Day must be included as well? :)


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