Monday, November 26

The Week That Was (November 18 - 24)

Sunday: I was able to go online early before Migmig got up. I took her to llanas to do some shopping and at the same time, keep everyone free. By 12:00pm, I'm off to Plaza Lawton to attend my 3rd postal Heritage Walking Tour (I'll write a blog about this). By the time we reached the Calvo Building, I stayed there longer until my fellow walkers head off to MET. I decided to look for Masuki to satisfy my curiosity as I'm craving for mami, siopao and siomai. It took me probably an hour just to get there and when I finally found Masuki, I made sure to get myself full. and I got full as their servings of original mami, special siopao and 2 pieces of siomai got me really full as if I'm eating for two people XD. When I got home, I spent the rest of the evening with them. And I went online again until almost 3:00am XD.

Monday: Tried getting up early as I was able to go online and download some old photos from Multiply. By 11:00am, we head-off to The medical City for my baby's check-up and vaccine. We had to wait for an hour and a half which gave us time to go to Starbucks and have some coffee. Migmig didn't cried as much as she did last month as she slowly recognizes her doctor would do no harm to her. After her check-up, we head-off to Robinson's Galeria as my wife did some little shopping. Then we took an FX ride to SM Megamall to have our late lunch there. I took them to Masuki for my wife and baby to try the mami/siopao/siomai combination. Though it tastes good, I feel that the meat portions of the mami were not as generous as the time I tried it at their Binondo branch. We noticed that Migmig was so sleepy that after our lunch, we need a place to put her to sleep. Good thing Mondo Juice was pretty quiet and their couch is pretty spacious as well. After getting my juice, I stayed with my daughter while my wife went to cyberzone to look for some gadgets. I played some angry birds on my wife's tablet to keep me busy until she comes back and until our baby got up and awake. We got home at past 8:00pm tired but we still got enough energy to spend the rest of the night.

Tuesday: By 6:00am, I was able to get up and make sure to download as much pictures as I can before the deadline. I have around 10000 files to download manually so I hope I could do this. By the time Migmig got up again at past 2:00pm, we went down so she could have dinner. Then, I left for Gateway to buy some baby wipes for her and at the same time, have coffee at Starbucks to update my annual expenses for 2012. I spend probably an hour and a half before going back home and spend the rest of the night with them.

Wednesday: Got up at 6:30am to go online and download some of my old shots from Multiply. So far, I'm making progress as I was able to download 10-20 albums (from more than a hundred XD). The day was practically the same as I stayed home the entire afternoon and took care of Migmig. I bought her some "Bibingka" for dinner before her mom arrives and took her turn in taking care of our baby.

Thursday: Mornings was pretty much the same except that I need to download all pictures in Multiply before it's completely deleted. By 1:00pm, I left home and went to Greenhills to have lunch at Rack's. after lunch, I had some coffee at a crowded Starbucks Coffee as I update my day-to-day expenses for this year. By 5:30pm, I am already at Sir Jo's studio to attend the last Non-Print Day Lecture Series for the year with Pat Dy as the speaker (I'll write a blog about this). By the time the session was done, I took a cab going home and got home before midnight. My wife was still up and awake when I went to bed and get some sleep.

Friday: For some reason, Migmig was having a hard time sleeping because of her runny nose so my wife had to take care of it and lower the fan to #2. Good thing Migmig was able to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I'm the one who is having a hard time sleeping for the inconvenience. Good thing, I feel sleepy again at 4:30am which gave me more hours of sleep until 9:30am. Then I went out to make a phone call about my check but they said its not yet ready. I felt a little bit sad but I have to wait.   By 3:30pm, we went down so she could have lunch. Then I went out to Mendiola to check-out a rally by various groups from the media in relation to the Maguindanao Massacre that happened 3 years ago (I'll write a blog about this). After the rally, I took a quick bite at Jollibee before going online at a nearby cafe for almost 3 hours. I had congee for dinner since there was no food available at home. And by 11:30pm, I went upstairs to go to bed only to find out that Migmig is still awake. XD. I had to turn on the aircon as its hot and humid in our room.

Saturday: I got up at almost 9:00am as I still feel the chills from the aircon last night. I was able to go online for a few minutes before taking Migmig our for a walk then for breakfast. By 10:00am, she was already asking for milk and I made sure she gets it as my mom arrives and pays us a visit. She didn't stay long as she needs to take care of the house. By 12:30pm, I took our baby upstairs so she could get her nap. I was about to go online when I noticed that our broadband stick was not there. To maximize productivity, I installed Adobe Photoshop CS5 on my wife's PC and give it a test. I also made some adjustments to make sure that it works well without any problems. I was able to go online eventually until 3:00pm as Migmig got up again. I took a quick bath before having lunch. I went online pretty quick before getting Migmig from her mom at 5:00pm. We went to Gateway to spend some Daddy-Baby time. We had some frap at Starbucks as it was pretty much crowded. By 8:00pm, we got back home to spend the rest of the night.

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