Monday, October 1

The week that was (September 23 - 29)

Sunday: Got up early as Migmig wanted to go out already. Since Nanay was still setting-up I just decided to take Migmig someplace else. We took and LRT ride to Gateway to have some breakfast at Krispy Kreme as I ordered my Iced Mocha and 2 Original Glazed Donuts. My daughter seems to enjoy her stay there as we spent as much time as we could so when we get back home, her mom would be up and awake already. After she gave our baby a bath, I tried putting her to sleep then I went online for a couple more minutes before getting an hour of rest. When I got up, I took a bath and got ready as my wife wanted to tag me and Migmig to SM North Edsa to do some errands. We took an FX ride going there and we got to the place where my wife needs to do some things. By the time, she's done, we looked for a place to eat. She was craving for pesto pasta (not again) and we ended up at TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House) and got their Trio and some desserts. Too bad, I didn't have the camera with me and I could have captured some good moments of my wife and daughter. After dinner, we took an FX ride straight home and Migmig fell asleep on her mom's shoulders. When we got back home, I went online for a couple of minutes before she got up again. Before going to bed, I was finally able to touch Sunday's paper and check on today's news.

Monday: Breakfast was served at Jollibee as my daughter and I spend some good time there as she keeps on pointing towards any bus that she sees passing by. Her mom was pretty much busy when we got back home and played a couple more minutes. After my daughter snoozed, I was able to go online until past 2:00pm. Nanay made sure Migmig had lunch as I take a bath and got ready to take my baby out again. By almost 4:00pm, Migmig and I reached Robinson's Magnolia for the first time. I wet my daughter walk around for a couple of minutes before finding a good place to eat. I wanted to have my late lunch at Magnolia Ice Cream House but unfortunately, they don't have any high-chairs for toddlers like my daughter. We looked for other restos to eat until we got to Yabu again. I just ordered the usual Katsu and spend some lunch time with my daughter there. She seems to like Japanese rice as she keeps on asking for more. She also wants to be fed using chopsticks so I enjoyed feeding her. We roam around the mall for a couple more minutes before taking a cab at almost 6:00pm as its starting to get dark. She slept while on our way only to get interrupted as it took us 30 more minutes  to get in (apparently there was no one home even with lights on). We went upstairs as I went online and my daughter keeping me busy. Her mom arrived later that evening before she took over for a couple more minutes. Then both me and my daughter went to bed early to get that much needed rest.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I checked some of my games online and did my morning rituals before Migmig got up. I took her down for a walk outside before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. Then I bought some more snacks for my daughter to enjoy as I need to keep her busy and preoccupied before her mom gives her bath. I made sure she sleeps soundly before I went online and get ready for work. As usual, I took the 3-bus route plus I bought 2 pcs. of Siopao again for lunch that had me got late in the office by almost an hour. Work wasn't that heavy so I went out to buy some blank dvds for me to use as my OS back-up. I asked my office mate where to have dinner and  she suggested that I should go to Sizzling Pepper Lunch for the last time. I'm contemplating to get a steak or just my usual until I decided to get the latter. Then I went back to complete my shift before hailing a cab to get home. 

Wednesday: I got up at around 8:00am as I heard my mom just arrived paying us for a visit. I was able to do some morning rituals as well as had a glass of water before taking Migmig out for some fun in the sun. I let my baby enjoy Nanay's company for a couple of minutes before we head back home. I let her enjoy the rest of the morning before she had her bath and went to bed. I felt asleep as well for a few minutes before getting ready for work. I had my lunch at a nearby carinderia before taking the LRT2-MRT ride to work. I was craving for something different until my foot led me to Matasami Shaved Ice at Glorietta. I got in the office at past 2:30pm with another workstation of ours went down for the beating. For dinner, I head-off to Wai Nam Kee to have some Hainanese Chicken. Good thing they're not closed and I was able to get a seat. Their food is good and I'm thinking of taking my wife and daughter there really soon. I grabbed some desserts for the last time at Banapple at ATG. This would be my 2nd to the last day as I won't be in the office this Thursday (Shhhhh =P). Then I took a cab again going home as I wanted to go to sleep early. 

Got up at 7:30am as I still feel very sleepy with less than 5 hours of sleep. I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun before we had breakfast at 7-11. I let her have some siopao while I'm looking at her. There are times that she looks more like my sister than me except that my daughter is pretty slim. When we got back, her mom just got up in time and good thing she was able to do things pretty quick. For the nth time this week, my daughter seems to be cooperative and goes to sleep in the morning after her feeding session. I wanted to catch some ZZZzzzs but I went online instead. By the time I'm dressed-up, I didn't report for work. Instead, I went to Greenhills to attend Sir Jo's non-print day lecture featuring the "Jason Magbanua" (I'll a blog post about it). I reached Greenhills at almost 2:00pm as I started to locate where Krispy Kreme is. With the feeling of being restless and hungry at the same time, I had lunch at Rack's and made sure my pork ribs were drenched in extra hot sauce that literally made me sweat inside an airconditioned room. Then I head-off to Krispy Kreme to grab some iced mocha to wake me up before going to Sir Jo's Studio to attend the session. After the session and some little chit-chats, I went home but not before buying some vitamins for Migmig. By 11:00pm I'm already home and my wife was already snoring so I had the laptop to myself until I fell asleep as well. 

Friday: This is the day! My last day of work. I had mixed emotions but I guess I had to move on and do other things I wanted to do for the longest time. I did my usual chores in the morning before reporting for work for the last time. I got early and good thing, work was pretty much slow. I did some errands as well but I had some problems eating as my tooth (a different one) got me uncomfortable. Actually, its the gums that covers it as I was unable to enjoy eating so I had soup as my last supper. I was even surprised as I had my paycheck for the last time but this time, I'll make sure to stretch it as much as I can until I get a new job. I left the office at past midnight but I didn't say any goodbyes but rather, see you around as 2 other colleagues have already left the company. I bought some bread before taking a cab going home looking forward to the days ahead. 

Saturday: I got up pretty much late as the weather was cool and inviting me to sleep more. As I prepare my stuff for Dutdutan, I noticed something was missing. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera's batter, charger and extension cord back in the office. I prepared early and leave for office to get those. I made a quick stop at Krispy Kreme to get my iced mocha. As I got to my former office, I went online for a couple of minutes and good thing, my account hasn't been disabled yet. I went online for a few more minutes before heading to ATG for lunch at Banapple. I took a bus to WTC to attend Dutdutan 2012 for five years  in a row and could be my last (I'll write a blog post for this). I left the event at 8:00pm as I feel dizzy from a bottle of beer (OMG!). I craved for beef pares so I had one along EspaƱa before finally going home. My baby just went to bed when I got home so i didn't bother waking her and went online outside for another hour. By the time I got back, I hit the bed and went to sleep. 

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