Monday, October 1

Non-Print Day Lecture: The Jason Magbanua

Last Thursday (September 27, 2012), I was one of the lucky participant who attended the Non-Print Day lecture series with Jason Magbanua as guest speaker. 

I got to Sir Jo's Studio early which he gave me the task with making sure that all participants would settle their monthly contribution for food (I'm sharing this task with another photographer). 

While we wait for him (Jason) to arrive, we were able to watch The Avengers on HD. By 7:30pm, The Jason Magbanua has arrived and dinner followed first before his talk. 

With Sir Jo introducing The Jason Magbanua, it seems that they knew each other even way back when Jason was starting out. They alternately share stories on how they stared out in the industry as well as how they helped each other. 

The Jason Magbanua by Jo Avila

I wasn't able to take notes as I'm taking turns manning the door just in case someone arrives. But what I remember is that when he posts a video online, the sound track should be licensed. Meaning, he has to pay the license for the song as most of the songs were from an international bands. I guess that may be one reason why Jason has commands the highest rates in Wedding Videography (pegs at 150K pesos). But still the quality of his work dictates why he is the best wedding videographers in the country. 

He also showed to us a video that he made during his trip to Paris, France. It was one of his wedding videos that all of us got really amazed. If only I'm rich, I'll be getting him to shoot my wedding no questions asked XD. 

I'm looking forward to attend the next non-print day lecture series. 

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