Tuesday, October 2

Things I've Learned from my Photograhy Mentor: Basic Flash and Studio Lighting

This post took me almost 2 years before posting so sorry for the long delay XD

Last January 22, I was the first one to arrive at the studio this time since I went straight to Sir Jo's Studio in Annapolis street. We had a small chit-chat while waiting for the others to arrive as well. By 2:00pm, Sir Jo started his lecture on Basic Flash and Studio Lighting. This is one topic I must learn perfectly so I could get better photo. 

Since I was the first one to arrive in the studio that day, I got a free autographed Canon 2011 Calaendar signed by no other than Jo Avila himself. I'll make sure to keep it as a souvenir after using it for this year. XD

Anyway, here are some things I've learned about Basic Flash Photography and Studio Lighting. I'd share 15 of them. If you want to learn more, you may check his facebook page. Sorry guys if it took me almost two years to post this =P

1. Observe how sunlight moves.
2. To modify quality of light, it should be diffused.
3. The sun at high noon is a point-light source (harsh).
4. Crumpled silver surface will scatter reflected light.
5. Don't shoot at high noon if there are no clouds.
6. Gold surface gives reflected light a warm glow.
7. Windows are your best friends when shooting indoors.
8. Light meter doesn't trigger the light.
9. Kelvin is used in color photography
10. Master the use of one light as if it looks like several light sources.
11. Learn to appreciate the quality of light than the quantity.
12.An umbrella and a softbox works differently.
13. The main light is not necessarily the brightest source.
14. Always worry about the distance of the light to the subject.
15. To master portrait lighting, learn to use window light.

There you go. Wanna learn more? Then I suggest to enroll at his basic photography classes. XD


  1. Taking note of the pointers for better flash photography. I hope to get better shots once I try this out.

  2. Lights maybe the elements that is more important in photography thanks

  3. I'd like to take proper photography lessons. But I'd prefer one that's done outdoors because I prefer landscape photography to portrait photography.

  4. I've attended some workshops and most of your indicated topics were also discussed. Though I'm more into landscape photography, I just co-relate these tips on how I shoot landscapes...

  5. Don't shoot at high noon if there are no clouds. This is true,it will just make your photo unappealing. Not nice to look at.

  6. These tips are great, I will take note of this when I shoot photos hope I can take photos better now =)

  7. sound tips, Just aking does shot angle have a big effect on light.

  8. Regardless which camera you're using, as long as you know how to use ambiant light and know when to use artificial light, your photos will always be fantastic! :-)

  9. After learning the basics of photography, I immediately studied how flash photography works, but only learn few things. Still learning from the workshop by pro's are considered to best avenue to learn this technique.

  10. Im not good in Photography... :(
    But this kind of tips will help me a lot..:)

  11. Wow! While reading through your notes, some of those points gave me that 'lightbulb' moment. It made so much sense. :) Although I may not be sporting a DSLR come now, I think some of those tips may still come in handy for P&S cams. :)

  12. Very helpful tips here especially for an amateur like me.

  13. I've been taking pictures as a hobby for quite a while now and for me, morning light until about 11am works the best. Not too harsh. I completely agree with the windows for the indoor shots. Love the tip about the quality vs the quantity of the light. Yes, lighting can set the mood of the photo. Sometimes, you need to work with low light to get the effect you're looking for (IMO).

    PS. Number 8 made me laugh, Mark. Seriously?!? Some people actually think that?

  14. Oh! I'll try that Kelvin bit on my instagram. Thanks, sir!

  15. lights and angle are two important points in photog:) Thanks for your great tips here!

  16. Jo Avila! Whoa, been wanting to take his photog classes

  17. just wow in numbers!
    its not hard to understand either, in 15 points you've summarized it.
    I've never attended any workshops myself, so everything I know of photography is self taught! this is a good lesson today! ;)

  18. Great tips. Useful for beginner like me.

  19. I'm an amateur and these tips will help me a lot. Big Time!


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