Thursday, September 13

The arrival of iPhone 5

I've been giving hints to my wife that my old phone (Nokia N73 Music Edition) is almost at its end and its not practical to have it serviced. At present she has 5 phones while I have only one. She even offered one or two of her phones to me but I refused. I want an iPhone 5, nothing else =P.

This phone has a larger screen (at four inches) compared with its predecessors with a resolution of 1,136 x 640 or 326 pixels per inch and has a widescreen of 16:9 aspect ratio. Apple had also decided to make this phone thinner overall weighing 112 grams and it is this at 7.6mm making it really lightweight.

The iPhone 5 can be compared with three more smartphones namely Samsung Galaxy SIII (my wife's choice), Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Nokia Lumia 920 (my second pick)

Taken from Mashable

To know more about the iPhone5, you may check it here, here and here.

Well, I could still accept an iPhone5 on my birthday next year which is few months away. Or I hope my wife would give this a a birthday present to me. XD


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