Monday, September 10

Journeying through Sweet Pea

Last Saturday, we celebrated not just our 6th Anniversary as a couple but also had a foodtrip as far as Mc Kinley Hills. Our destination was at Sweet Pea as I've read a few good reviews. When we got there, the place was all to ourselves and its really quiet at that time.

It took us a while to pick our orders as their food selection was quite fine. And the fact that their menu was leaning towards to the more affordable side, How I wish they could have another one in Manila XD.

For starters, we tried something new so we had a Spinach Bacon and Mushroom Quesadillas (250 pesos). This was a gamble on my end as my wife is not fond of Mexican-type of cuisine, yet to my surprise, she liked it.

With extra budget to spare, we had Beef and Mushroom Quesadillas (250 pesos) to take home.

For soup, we had their version of Squash Soup (145 pesos). I like its texture as well as its taste. Its a must for us to have soup especially when our daughter is starting to enjoy her meals.

Chicken Tropical Fruit Salad (175 pesos). Its a pretty refreshing salad with assorted fruits with sesame dressing. I think I could make my own version from this one. XD

Hot Choco with Marshmallows (100 pesos): Uhm, this one also tastes good as well. I won't comment much on this one as I kinda consider this as my pre-dessert XD. 

Bottomless Iced Tea (90 pesos): This tastes okay XD

Strawberry Lemonade (98 pesos): This one is pretty different as its a combination of Strawberry and Lemonade. 

Grilled Porkchop with Applesauce (295 pesos): This was my wife's choice for lunch. I like the simplicity of its presentation and how my wife loved it. For me, its all that matters. ^_^

Baby Back BBQ (375 pesos): This was my plate. The pork was soft and tender, which was very easy to chew. The house salad and corn on cob makes this dish more balanced. 

Banana Split (245 pesos): With an extra budget, I splurged on one of my favorite desserts. This banana split is good that I had it all to myself as my wife was already full XD.

Our over-all experience with Sweet Pea is pretty much excellent and their menu is pretty much affordable. Its best to go there in the afternoon (weekends) to enjoy some peace and quiet XD.

If only Sweet Pea had another branch near or within Manila, we could have frequented more often and try their other dishes.

Pictures to follow really soon XD

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