Thursday, September 6

Pipho 7: The event I didn't completed.

I was anticipating for this event in a long time a few months back. but when the day came, it was like, something was missing. Could be the enthusiasm I used to have when I was starting taking pictures. Or probably something else.

I got to SM Mall of Asia at almost 10:00am and I already saw a long queue at the Music Hall at the back so I joined the crowd and sign-up. For a minimal fee, I got my ID, some free snacks and bought myself a shirt as a souvenir for the event.

Since I was by my lonesome, I didn't stay put at the venue though I am looking forward to listen to the speakers invited at the event. Instead, I just stayed outside the venue and look around for some good buys.

I was able to buy a camera strap that I'm sure would be useful in the years to come and tested it. It felt much lighter having a camera strap compared to carrying it all the time with your hand. 

Anyways, pictures to follow soon. 

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