Monday, September 10

The week that was (September 2 - 8)

Sunday: I got up early to make sure Migmig would be able to get her morning exercise before taking her to her mom. By 9:00am, I was able to leave home and head to SM Mall of Asia to attend Pipho's 7th anniversary event (I'll write a blog about this). For lunch, I had to join the crowd and eat at Hecky's and grabbed an iced coffee before going back to the event. I was event hesitant to buy an R-Strap but eventually, I gave in. I didn't stay the entire event as I need to do other things as well as I'm not feeling well that time. After buying some diapers for Migmig, I took a cab going home so I could spend time with my wife and baby. I got to go online as well for a couple of minutes before going to bed late in the night.

Monday: Migmig and I had breakfast at Mc Donald's as I had to let her practice using some eating utensils. She can, but with more practice, she'd be able to eat on her own. I also did some errands at Llana's while my wife gave our daughter her bath. I just waited for Migmig to fall asleep before getting ready to go back to San Pedro. I left at 12:30pm with two heavy bags and hoping I could get a cab. Instead, I took the two-bus route to Buendia. By 3:00pm, I arrived back home in San Pedro starting to unpack my bags. I kinda missed my old home yet I feel like I'm a stranger to a place where I spend most of my growing years. I ordered pizza as I feel so hungry before taking some of my stuff out to sort and stock in my room. I almost finish the entire box of pizza except for two slices that I left for my mom when she got home. I left home (San Pedro) at 6:30pm but I got to Manila at almost 9:00pm as the bus bound for Manila needs to be filled with passengers so I had to wait (and I fell asleep while waiting). 

Tuesday: Got up a bit early as Migmig was already in her playful self. We went out and enjoyed the morning though we didn't had breakfast at Mc Donald's. Instead, her uncle bought some snacks to fill her little tummy and then we went back just in time her mom just got up. Morning were pretty much busy as my daughter keeps on telling me to go outside. After her bath, I got to put my daughter to sleep at 11:00am but I fell asleep for almost an hour so I had to get up quick and get going. I heard my baby cry so loud I had to check her before leaving. It turned out that she cried some more as I told her I'll be going to work. I took the LRT2-MRT route with stopping at Fully Booked in Gateway to buy another photography book (The Perfect Exposure). I did another stop at SM Makati to stack-up on deodorants for the long haul before arriving the office just in time for my shift. Work was pretty much okay but I felt so hungry since I haven't took any decent meal. I left the office at 5:30pm and head-off to Cabalen in Glorietta 4 to grab some Filipino buffet. I liked their selection but as time goes by, my stomach's ability to store food gets smaller and smaller as time passes. I couldn't even get a second serving of the same dish. After dinner, I head-of to the nearest restroom to dump XD. Then, I checked Fully Booked in Greenbelt to buy some magazines that are already available (September 2012 covers) before going back to the office. I enjoyed the rest of my shift before taking a cab home to be with my family and play some more cafe land. XD

Wednesday: With a rainy weather in the morning, Migmig and weren't able to go out as well as Nanay as they didn't set-up their clothes to sell for today. I let my wife get up early while taking Migmig out but within the area only. After her bath, she played some more and I got to change her diapers (she pooped) before she fell asleep at 12:00pm. I had to get ready for work and fast. With a hungry stomach, I had lunch at a nearby eatery in our place before taking the LRT2-MRT ride to the office. I grabbed some iced mocha at Krispy Kreme before beating the clock at 1:59pm XD. With some little network issues, its pretty hard to catch-up on tickets as well as on some of my games. Good thing our network has been restored after a couple of minutes. But eventually, our network connection is pretty much slow for the entire shift. For dinner, I was pretty hesitant to eat at Chicboy but I went there only to get disappointed that my order was not available. Next stop, Krispy Kreme to grab a cup of coffee and some pull-aparts while reading today's paper and giving my head some breather.When I got back, I just continued playing until it was time to go home. I took the next bus and got home by midnight. Before going to bed, I made sure I shaved to have a clean look in preparation for job hunting again.I let my wife go online as I joined Migmig to dreamland.

Thursday: My eyes were still shut when Migmig woke me up and apparently wanted to go out already. We went down and out as her uncle let her walk along the market. That gave me time to have a breakfast of bananas and wheatgrass XD. When they came back, we strolled the other way as I got to feed her with some native delicacies. As we got back home at 9:00am, her mom was still snoring so she had to wake her up XD.  Again, our morning got fast as everyone was pretty busy and after Migmig's bath, I was able to get a breather. When I was about to go upstairs and put my daughter to sleep, she's sleeping already but she was able to drink the milk that I prepared. I went online for an hour before getting ready for work. I got another iced mocha before beating the buzzer again at 2:00pm. Work was pretty much steady as my colleague did most of the job XD. I had my early dinner at Chicboy as I wanted to eat early and on time as much as possible. With my dental problem, eating wasn't as pleasurable as it was before but I have to endure pain so I could get nourished with the food I'm taking. I got back in the office early to continue working until 11:00pm. I took the next bus going home as my wife was already fast asleep. I went online for a few minutes before joining them to bed. 

Friday: I had to get up at 7:30am as Migmig was already playing in our room and even her mom was much awake than I am. I took her down so she could walk with her uncle while I had a bite at 7-11. When they got back, I took her to a different place before finally heading back home to rest. Since my wife was up early (good job) everything was done early as well and I was able to put Migmig to sleep at 10:15am. I took that time to doze-off as well until I got up at 12:00pm. I didn't rush myself as I ate lunch at a carinderia nearby before taking the LRT2-MRT route. I grabbed some ice cream at BTIC before running late in the office. Work was pretty much steady as I got to fix some requests and tickets. I was supposed to have dinner early but I had to do some more requests as well as answer some calls. By 8:00pm, I was able to go out and have dinner at BFast using my voucher. While I'm there, they told me that they will be renovating the resto for a month so I had to ditch my plans to eat there on the 28th and use my last voucher probably next week. After dinner, I was able to enjoy the rest of my shift before logging-off and took the next bus home. My wife was sleeping soundly when I got home so I went online for a couple more minutes before going to bed as well.

Saturday: Got up early as Migmig was again already up and wanting to go outside. I let her walk to her heart's content before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I'd have her use spoon and fork while eating and again, I enjoyed teaching her the proper way to use them. My wife and I made sure Migmig gets her morning sleep before we get ready as we head-off to Mc Kinley Hills in Taguig to have lunch at Sweet Pea (I'll write a blog about this). We left home at past 1:00pm and took the LRT2 to Cubao before getting a cab to Mc Kinley Hills. After our late lunch, I let our daughter enjoy the place as she kept on chasing the doves that went down to have some feeds. I was able to take some good shots of her with the birds as well as some other places before my wife told her to get some rest as she's tired already from running around. We took a cab heading home as it took us around 30 minutes or more going back home. When we got back, all of us took an hour of rest before enjoying the rest of the night especially for our daughter. By midnight, all of us are back in the room to get some much needed rest for the day ahead.

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