Wednesday, August 8

The week that was (July 29 - August 4)

Sunday: Got up early as I try to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Instead of having breakfast at Mc Donald's, I bought some native goodies for my daughter to enjoy before we went back home to wake her mom up. Then all of us got occupied with our daughter that we couldn't take our eyes and hands off her. I was suppose to go out but no thanks to unpredictable weather, I had to be contented in staying indoors and going online at home and at a cafe nearby to keep me a little bit busy. I went to bed as early as 10:00pm as rain starts to pour. But the winds made the night more scary for the next couple of minutes before all of us fell asleep.

Monday: Since its my rest day today, I don't have an excuse not to take care of our daughter. After all morning chores have been done and put my baby to sleep, I went online for an hour before she got up. I let her aunt and Nanay take care of her while I had lunch at Chowking. By 6:00pm, I feel a bit uncomfortable. Its like I'm not feeling well. Probably sick. I even went out to have a haircut and had some snacks before going back but my body begins to feel heavy I decided to call it a day early. I was almost wrapped-up in our blanket as my body shivers.

Tuesday: Early in the morning, I feel terribly sick that I could barely stand-up and take care of my daughter. Eventually, I got my groove going after putting my baby to sleep. I took a cab going to work so I won't stress myself commuting. When I got to the office at 1:00pm, things got worse as my body got so heavy I almost drag myself to work. Our room was so cold (even with the aircon off) I had to wear my thick jacket that I haven't worn in a while. I tried reading some emails and doing some work but the flu got the worst in me. By 3:00pm, I have no choice but to go home early. Since I haven't had anything in my stomach, I ate a full bowl of chili soup and a few pieces of spicy empanada before trying to hail a cab going home. Luckily, I got a cab but going home was pretty much long as heavy rains still continue to pour. By 4:30pm, I am home as I took a quick nap at the other room. I feel that I was able to get some sleep but still lack of it prevented me from full recovery. Good thing my wife arrived early to take care of my daughter and gave me some juice to heal. By 10:00pm, all of us went to bed and slept early. 

Wednesday: For some reason, I got up at almost 3:00am as I've been sleeping for 5 hours how. I had to register for Sir Jo's Non-Print Day on the 23rd. I went online as well for an hour before getting more sleep at 4:00am. We all got up at 8:00am with the weather still unpredictable. I decided not to report for work today as I need to recover from a bad case of flu. After my daughter have slept, I went online for a while before Migmig got up. I made sure she goes to sleep again as both of us slept for another hour before we finally went down. I went out to have lunch at Chowking and to see if our salaries have been deposited into our respective ATMs. I have to went out again later in the evening to do some groceries as well as buy some extra medicines for future use. I noticed feeling this chills at night time so I had to do something about it. I wasn't able to take a quick shower and instead, I did a quick spongebath before going to bed early.

Thursday: Though I feel much better, I didn't make any chances as I let my wife do the work in the morning. Thanks to the medicine I'm taking since Tuesday, my body is slowly recovering from flu.   For the second straight day, I had to skip work for me to ensure full recovery (or even 75% as long as I could walk/work/think straight). Late in the afternoon while my sister-in-law puts Migmig to sleep, I sneaked out and grabbed a bite at Mc Donald's. They have this Twister Fries again to my delight and for the first time in days, I got to eat good (rich in cholesterol XD) food. When I got back, my baby was fast asleep. I went online upstairs as I'm watching over my daughter until she woke up at past 7:00pm. By 11:00pm, all of us were upstairs trying to get some sleep but I went online instead until 1:00am. I just need to re-adjust my body again after all these sleeping in the past few days. 

Friday: Since the weather was still unpredictable up to this point, my mom decided to pay us a visit next week. All of us got up and down at past 8:00am as my wife got busy already XD. Since I feel a little much better than the previous days, I took care of Migmig but we couldn't get out because its raining. After Migmig's bath, it took me a while to put my daughter to sleep as she gets more and more stubborn each day, a trait that could have probably been inherited from me. Once she fell asleep, its my turn to get ready for work but I needed some hot water for me to take a bath. Then I took an FX ride to SM Megamall to buy a new bag for me since I really need one already. I got to SM Megamall at past 1:00pm and I didn't waste any time in getting the bag that I need. I got in the office at past 2:30pm and started to work on some tickets. Since I'm hungry as well, I had soup from The Soup Kitchen as I'm thinking of what to eat for the night. Come nightfall, I had gone to ATG to eat at BFast again and enjoyed some quiet time for myself before going back to the office. Work was pretty much okay before calling it a day and took a cab on my way home.

Saturday: While the weather was still calm and nice, Migmig and I went out to have some fun after getting up at almost 8:30am. I didn't expect the sun to appear after it rained early this morning. We went out to have some fun in the sun before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. We got back home and spend the rest of our morning there until her mom wakes up. After her bath, It's my turn to get geady for work as I left early. When I got in the office (with my new bag), Then, I went out to have some lunch at KFC and claim my free streetwise bucket meal for myself. That was the first time I've taken home a bucket meal XD. After my colleagues from the morning have left, I started editing some photos from my 2011 shoot and I was able to do as much as I could while waiting for my boss. I didn't went out for dinner as I feel that I have more than enough chicken already XD. I was able to upload some of my pictures to my blog again to catch-up with my back-logs (I hope I made progress). By 11:00pm, I called it a day and took a cab on my way home.

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