Monday, July 30

The week that was (July 22 - 28)

Sunday: When I got up this morning, my right foot feel so painful as well as my right leg. I tried walking through pain as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun but we got stuck at Mc Donald's as rain started to fall down. We spend the rest of the morning inside as we wait for her mom to get up and help me with some chores. After trying to put Migmig to sleep, I went online for a while before enjoying the rest of the afternoon here at home. Late in the afternoon, I went online again to check some of my profiles before having dinner outside. When I got back, Migmig was supposed to be asleep but she prefers to play until around 11:00pm before I went upstairs and go to sleep.

Monday: Got up a bit early as we need to get ready as its Migmig's visit to her pedia.   By 11:45am, we were able to hail a cab and get to the hospital, but when we got there, there were so many people waiting for their turn. Were 42nd on the list as the pedia was treating patient #10 (they started the clinic at 11:00am). Since w haven't had any lunch yet, we spend the next 90 minutes at Mongkok eating sub-par dishes. Well, I can't complain much as were already hungry. When we got back, the pedia was treating patient #22. We went down again and had some coffee at Starbucks. We spend some more time at the lobby for almost an hour as Migmig was so active at that point. By 4:30pm, we went back up as its almost our turn. Migmig gained some weight but her immediately changed the minute she saw her pedia. She cried right away and ran berserk. We tried calming her until her injection has been administered. After that, we took a cab home as all of us were really tired and good thing, I didn't made any reservations to any restaurant as we left the hospital at past 5:30pm. We got home 30 minutes later and my wife took our baby upstairs as I rest for a little bit before going out to SM Centerpoint. First, I had dinner at Adobo Connection to check the place and I think we could pay them a visit with my wife and Migmig. Then, I bought some medicine before buying Migmig's milk.When I got back, I went online for an hour before joining them upstairs in bed.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as my mom paid us a visit. She just spend some time with us for a few minutes before leaving that made me able to do other things. They weren't able to go out as it was still drizzling outside. Her mom got up late so we got to move a little bit late plus I had a hard time getting a cab as I'm still limping from my swollen foot. I had a quick bite at Jollibee before getting a bus ride to the office. I arrived at the office a few minutes past 3:00pm and I didn't mind if I got late for more than an hour. Honestly, I was thinking if I should report to work or not since I'm not in the mood working. But since I'm having trouble walking straight, I just reported for work to save money and energy from my end. By 7:15pm, I went out to have dinner at Fish and Co. since I have a 50% discount from receiving an SMS from The Bistro Group. I noticed that most people are ordering the same food as well. The food took almost 30 minutes to be served but its worth the wait anyway. When I got back, I got to do a few tickets to help my colleagues before calling it a day. I took a cab so I could be home quickly.

Wednesday: Got up at around 9:00am as I had this terrible headache which probably prevented me from getting up early. I took Migmig down and feed her with some pandesal before we went out for a couple of minutes. For the past couple of days, I've been getting up at 8:00am or so which prevents me from taking Migmig out early. After my baby had her bath, I don't expect that she'd be going to sleep anytime in the morning as she got up late as well but I tried, and I failed. And without much time, I took her downstairs again so her aunt would take care of her while I get ready for work. Since my wife will attend a suppliers meeting at PICC, we took a cab and head straight to PICC. Since the taxi driver reset his meter, I had to walk for 15-20 minutes under the blistering sun to Harrison to get a jeepney ride going to work. I was able to arrive in the office early and I got to a good start. By 2:30pm, I do some bank transactions before having late lunch at Jollibee. I took some emails and convert them to tickets as I got to do some comments exchange in one of the groups in facebooks that I am actively participating. I also noticed that both of my feet were almost okay as I could walk straight again =). For dinner, I had Adobo at Adobo Connection which helped me save money in some ways. After shift, I went straight home via taxi and spend some quiet time before going to sleep. 

Thursday: Got up early at almost 6:30am as I got to scream in pain as my left leg went numb (cramps) again. Its so painful I kinda went upside-down on my bed. Eventually, the pain somewhat subsided and I we (me and Migmig) went down to have some fun in the sun for the first time in days. We had some breakfast at Mc Donald's before walking around the neighborhood. I'd let Migmig walk inside the church before we went back to Nanay's stall to spend more time. When we got back, her mom was still sleeping so we wake her mom up before I prepared my baby's bath. After she fell asleep, I was able to go online for an hour before getting ready. But Migmig got up already so I let Nanay take care of her as her aunt was still sleeping. I forgot an important piece of tool that made me go back home which wastes precious time. I had another set of ID pictures printed but the keeper told me that my USB drive had a virus. It took me a while before I figure it out where my drive got it. I took a PVP bus ride to Makati to kill some time as I'm on leave for the day. I was supposed to attend Sir Jo's Non-Print Day sessions but I was only on reserve list. I wanted to have some merienda at BFast but I didn't like their selection so I went straight to the office and stayed there for a while. I had no choice but to delete all my files from my drive after scanning it and its confirmed that it has been infected. I couldn't reformat it since I don't have administrator's access to my PC (WTH!!!). By 5:30pm, I went out to get ready for some night shots but the weather wasn't so cooperative so I had to stall for time at Caramia located at ATG (Ayala Triangle Garden). I ordered this dessert which I felt that I didn't get my money's worth and it was still raining. I had no choice but to kill some more time. I had dinner at BFast even if I'm not that hungry. I stayed there for an hour and left at 7:00pm. When I got out, the weather was pretty much okay now and I started to take some pictures of ATG at night. I noticed that my shots were pretty much better than I did two years ago. Perhaps it has something to do with the camera I'm using XD but then again, I need to do it more often and I'm thinking of doing night shots in our place. I got back in the office at 10:00pm to get some rest and wrap up. I took a cab going home and both my wife and baby were past asleep. I tried to go online but instead, I sorted some photos for me to edit using the other laptop.

Friday: Got up a few minutes past 7:00am as Migmig was already playing as well. Both of us went down and out to have some fun in the sun. I bought some snacks for my baby after having breakfast at 7-11. Day by day, shes growing big but a bit on the thin side as she's so active I'm beginning to have a hard time catching up on her. When we got back, her mom was still sleeping again so we spend some time resting before she had her bath. Good thing she fell asleep early so I had to prepare for wotk as I took the three-bus route going to the office. I got there just in time and set-up my work station for another round of work. By 7:30pm, I went down again to do some nighjt shots but the weather wasn't so cooperative so I got to take pictures on a shade near the underpass. I got some good pictures somehow but I felt I could have gotten more if it wasn't for the gloomy weather. By 8:30pm, the rain got much worse so I seek refuge and had my dinner at BFast for the 2nd straight night. Then I went back to the office at 9:30pm thinking my colleague would be swamped with tickets. It turns out to be that we didn't have much as we just enjoyed our shift until we went home. But it took me almost an hour to hail a cab as heavy rains continue to pour. I was fortunate that I got a cab by the stroke of midnight and got home safely.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am as Migmig was already awake and wanted to go out. We had breakfast at Mc Donald's before I let my daughter walk to her heart's content. Her uncle took her for a walk somewhere else before I went back home to do other chores. Then Migmig and I went back home to wake her mom up since its running late already. I noticed that the weather wasn't as bad as I expected the other night. By 10:30am, I'm already off to work but I couldn't get a cab for the past 30 minutes so I took the three-bus route again and got in the office at 1:00pm. With all excitement for the day I forgot to log-in on time and I logged in at 2:20pm XD. Instead of editing pictures for the day, I decided to upload most the my finished pictures at my blog to make some of my posts more interesting to read. My boss arrived a bit late and went out to get some RnR so I just stayed in the office to upload some more pictures. By 7:00pm, I went out to do some night shots again. So far so good until it rained so heavy again at 8:15pm. For the 3rd night in a row, I had dinner at BFast again before going back to the office at 9:15pm. The rain had already stopped so I took some more pictures before going back to the office. I edit and upload one picture and I think I improved a lot but I need to work on getting a better tripod and a remote trigger soon. I left the office at almost 12:00am as I rested for a while before taking a cab going home.

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