Tuesday, August 14

The week that was (August 5 - 11)

Sunday: Got up a bit early as my daughter and I went out for some fun in the sun. We didn't eat at Mc Donalds and instead had some snacks. By late in the afternoon, I took a bust to Robinson's Galeria to attend the book signing of Jinri Park. For some reason, I wasn't in the mood for shooting and instead, I observed what's going on. Next, I went to SM Megamall to check on Otaku Expo but again, I just observed instead of taking pictures of the cosplayers. I browsed for some photography books and I picked one at National Bookstore before going home. When I got home, rain started to pour in as I watched a basketball game on TV. I slept early as the day was pretty much boring for me.

Monday: Since we couldn't get out because of the rain, we just stayed home and spent time inside. I tried putting Migmig to sleep once her mom was done giving her bath. I think she slept only for a while as she got up after an hour as I went online while she's sleeping. We went down again so she could have her lunch with Nanay and her aunt. Then I was able to get out to have lunch at Mc Donald's before going back home. Migmig was already slept at 5:00pm so I was the one who kept an eye on her while going online. She got up at around 7:00pm and wanted to play again. We went downstairs so I could let her walk freely. Since its raining pretty hard since late afternoon, we went upstairs and go to bed early but my wife watched this movie on our laptop and both of us slept late at almost 3:00am.

Tuesday: I got up early to check-out the news about the non-stop rain since last night. Then all of as sudden, we lost power so I went out to check on the entire neighborhood and I was a bit surprised that the entire street was already flooded though not that high. Then I put Migmig to sleep and I dozed-off as well for around 2 hours before I went down to check. Floods were almost knee-deep already and I decided to walk through it. I passed by Mc Donald's and it's closed so I had some snacks at a nearby eatery and got myself full. When I got back, Migmig was at her peak again as she really wanted to go out and play. But floods prevented us and instead, we spent time upstairs as I try to put her to sleep again (unfortunately, she didn't fell asleep). Rains pour more resulting in a higher floods across the neighborhood. I still went out to buy some candles and felt the waters on my feet as I walked through the flood. The entire neighborhood looks pretty much deserted as no vehicles pass though knee-deep floods. We went to bed early as I was expecting that electricity will be back up the next day. But it was already restored before 10:00pm so most of us resumed to our daily activities for the night. I tried going online but I had a hard time connecting to the internet so I joined Migmig in dreamland. 

Wednesday: Got up at almost 8:00am after the weather was pretty much better now than the other day. Floods have been subsiding for the entire morning as I got to go out to do some errands. I had to report for work as my end of contract is getting nearer and nearer and I wanted to have my last paycheck as intact as possible. After taking the LRT2 to Cubao, I bought some books for me to read just in case worse comes to worst tonight. MRT isn't as crowded as well as I got in the office at 1:45pm. Since most of my colleagues were having problems going to the office. I saw only one colleague of mine and helped her out in some tickets. I grabbed some Jollibee for lunch as I felt hungry already. My other colleague for the night won't be able to report for work as floods in their area is already chest-deep (I wonder how deep flood is in our area?). Well my only concern now is if I'll be working straight till God knows what time or if I would log-off at 11:00pm. If so, would I be able to go home given that most roads are already flooded. As of the moment, I feel sleepy and I wanted to get some sleep that I've lost a couple of nights back. Well, as my colleagues for the night won't be in, I have no choice but to work for the 2nd straight shift. Its pretty hard but after September, I won't be doing it anyway (for now) =P.

Thursday: Phones are on night mode so I have to be very careful and get as much calls as I can despite a depleted stamina as I've been awake since 8:00am the other morning. I had a total of 3 calls and some emails during the US team's lunch. Right now, all I wanted was to go home and get some much needed sleep. After their shift, I got 2 more calls before my colleagues in the morning has arrived. By 6:30am, I was completely wasted and waiting for the clock to strike at 8:00am. My other colleague bought us breakfast as her treat. That helped me gather enough strength to go home. I couldn't get a cab so I had to walk and take the MRT-LRT2 connection. When I got home, the first thing I did was hold my daughter in my arms and she kissed me to make my day more comfortable. I went to bed at probably 11:00am as my wife gave her a bath. I didn't notice that both of them slept beside me as I went down around 3:45pm. Migmig and I went out to have some fun before having some snacks at Mc Donald's. I let her try some twister fries and a quarter pounder meal which I think she didn't like it much. When we got back my wife wanted some food but there wasn't any available that she liked. I got to doze-off for another hour before getting up and read some of my photography books that I've bought. I think I've dozed-off at past midnight.

Friday: Migmig and I went down at 7:30am to let her walk to her heart's content. For breakfast, we ate at Jollibee this time to have a different atmosphere before going to Nanay's store.  I was surprised that my colleague was here for work thinking that her restday would be on a Fri-Sat. At least I could get a helping hand here at work though XD. Work was pretty much okay as I got some unexpected help. Though thinking of what to blog still bothers me because of this writers-block thing. By 6:30pm, I went out to have my wagyu dinner at BFast. Rain suddenly pour again but it didn't last that long and I got back in the office an hour and fifteen minutes later. Work was pretty much okay as I just waited for my shift to end. For the first time in weeks, I took the bus going home and got home an hour later.

Saturday: I was forced to get up early as my stomach gets pretty quezzy. When I went back up, I was able to doze-off for a few more minutes before Migmig and I went down for some walk. We didn't stay out that long as its getting hot already. After her mom gave her a bath, they went upstairs and before I know it, both of them fell asleep. I got ready for work and prepared my laptop for another session of editing. I had to upload some pictures to my blog before I started editing at 5:00pm. I got to transfer a firmware for my DSLR as well as finalize my non-renewal letter while editing some pictures. For the second straight night, I had BFast for dinner. I also had a call for follow-up before I continue my photo-editing marathon. I was able to edit around a hundred pictures which makes me almost done with my 2011 photos. By 11:00pm, I took a cab going home to get that much needed rest. ^_^

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