Tuesday, August 14

My thoughts on Canon EOS 7D (A very late post XD)

I should have done a review half a year ago but with a lot of backlogs to catch-up, I guess its a good time to do a review about this camera. ^_^

As early as December of last year, I'm having thoughts of buying this camera but my wife (my CFO XD) was very hesitant as it costs almost 100K (if purchased from CMP). Since my old camera (Canon EOS Rebel XSi) already passed away (he's more than 3 years old with a damaged CMOS), I was wondering if I would be able to take pictures again.

A few months after December, my wife realized that I really need a decent camera to take pictures of our daughter and to continue my Project 365 (Its already completed and I'm still going beyond). Well after convincing her to the bones, she said yes. XD

Since its release in November 2009, I've been eyeing for this camera as it has good features that is only a step behind its full-frame brother (Canon 5D Mark2). You could mistake it as the Canon EOS 50D but the 7D has a lot of features that I've been looking for in a DSLR.

Some of the features include RAW+Jpeg shooting, as well as other formats like S-Raw, M-Raw and the usual Jpeg size-formats. White balance can be adjusted in 100K increments (from 2500 up to 10000) which means you can experiment more often for desired results. What I also like about the 7D is the better ISO range (from 100 - 6400) that could go as high as 12800.

The autofocus point selection gave me a lot of choices where to focus on my shot as well as some options that includes with it. I just kinda get used to its new controls after a while as I've been using my Rebel for close to 3 years and shifting to a camera with different control alienates me XD.

The Q Menu gave me some time before getting used to it but its much faster for me to change settings already. The camera menu added some new features that made my choices much easier though I still have to play with it a little bit more.

But the thing I like most about this camera is the high-continuous shooting. Its like having an AK-47 that you won't miss a moment when taking pictures.

I did a lot of test shots using this camera but nothing beats testing it on your loved ones.

My first (and not the last) subjects: My wife and daughter.

This was taken at pitch-black at ISO 12800 (with the help of my 50mm f/1.8 lens)

To be honest, there is still a lot more to this camera as I'm sure only time will come before I could get my hands on my own Canon Full-Frame Camera soon XD

And regardless of camera, it still the photographer that delivers the story. XD

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