Tuesday, August 21

The week that was (August 12 - 18)

Sunday: My daughter and I got up and went out to have some fun in the sun. I just bought some morning snacks instead of eating at Mc Donald's for me to save some money. When we got back, we woke her mom up to get going. By 2:00pm, my wife and I went to Project 6 in Quezon City to attend a funeral of her friend's dad as he passed away during the heavy rain last week. We didn't stay there for long as my wife promised our daughter for some family time at Robinon's Place Manila. We got back home at 5:30pm and didn't waste any time as we head off to the mall for some bonding. We bought her first toothbrush and her own spoon before doing some little groceries. For dinner, we checked Cabalen first even when we just got to the mall before finally giving-in to its buffet with my wife's approval. My daughter wants to get a hold of our plate that we had to be very careful so that she won't break anything. We enjoyed our dinner though my wife reminded me not to overeat that lechon on the table XD. We took a cab going home to make sure we get home early.

Monday: My daughter and I had breakfast at Jollibee. She somewhat liked her meal but she's getting more and more involved in eating as she liked to hold her utensils on her own and sometimes the plate. We practically spent the rest of the morning together before putting her to sleep by 11:00am and I was able to go online for an hour and a half. By 2:00pm, I went out to do some bank transactions along Legarda but with so many people in the bank, it took me more than an hour to complete my transaction. The next challenge for me was to get a bus ride to SM Manila as buses bound there were pretty much scarce. I think I got to SM at around 4:00pm and hurriedly do another transaction before having my late lunch at Kangaroo Jack (I was hoping there was a Cabalen at the mall but there was none). Then, I strolled around the mall before going home. Migmig was fast asleep when I got home so I was able to go online until she got up at 7:00pm.The rest of the night were pretty much okay as my wife helped me with our daughter before putting her to sleep late at night.

Tuesday: I got up at past 7:30am as I need to take Migmig down for breakfast and some fun outside. Again, we had Jollibee for the 2nd straight morning but my baby didn't eat as much as she did the other day. I got surprised that my mom paid us a visit that I thought she'd be here the next day. For lunch, I had some sisig at Landmark before buying some groceries and heading for my first day of the work week. When I got in the office, I feel like not working the I went out to do some transactions in the bank before going out and buy some diapers for my daughter. When I got back, I got to do some tickets before going up at Grow to talk to one of the officers there about my non-renewal of my contract. By 8:30pm, I went to ATG to have dinner but where? Instead of having a buffet dinner at BFast, I had a quiet dinner at Banapple with my old favorites and stayed there before going back to the office. By the time my shift ended, I took a cab home but the driver seems to be lost with directions. When I got home, I went online for a few more minutes before finally going to bed.

Wednesday: By 800am, my daughter and I went down but since the weather ain't good, we stayed indoors for most of the morning except for some as Nanay took Migmig out for a walk. I followed them and took my baby somewhere else while it wasn't raining yet. My wife got up late as the weather prevented her from getting up early. After she gave bath to our baby, its my turn to put her to sleep but she had to poo first before she fell asleep. I went online for a while before getting ready for work. I grabbed some lunch at Mongolian Quick Stop before heading to the office. Later in the afternoon, I went to Krispy Kreme to buy some coffee as I got interested in this coffee passport as I could get some goodies if I got it stamped 21 times. The first sip of coffee would be the first step as their promo is until October of this year. My boss is still trying to convince me to stay but I'm firm with my decision. Though he said some implications about applying for other companies, I'm unfazed and hopeful I could get a new job ASAP. With work, my PC is running slow again for the nth time. It really upsets me as it loads slowly which makes my work hamper. I had my late dinner (8:45pm) at Mc Donald's and grabbed my comfort food, a quarter pounder meal with twister fries, orange juice and hot fudge sundae before going back to the office. Well, I'm counting the days before my contract ends and do other productive things that I wanted to do for the longest time. I just hope and pray everything will go smooth as planned as I log-off and went straight home.

Thursday: Migmig and I went out at 8:00am as the weather was pretty much clear. We visited Nanay first before heading off to Jollibee for some breakfast. Mornings were pretty fast as my wife got up a bit late As my baby fell asleep, so am I and I didn't noticed that its almost 1:00pm. With little time left, I made haste in preparing for work before taking the LRT2-MRT ride going to work. My stomach begins to grumble so I had lunch at World Chicken and grabbed a drink at Fruit Magic. I got in the office almost an hour late and I started my PC after my colleagues in the morning have left. Work was pretty much okay as I got some few tickets to work on. For dinner, I had to use one of my three vouchers and had BFast for dinner. After some thought and a few plates, I should have dined somewhere else and used it the next day XD.I took the bus going home and went online for an hour in our room before finally going to sleep.

Friday: Migmig and I went down at past 8:00am as I still feel so sleepy yet my daughter seems to have full of energy and ready to go out. The weather was sunny and warm as we went to Nanay to have some fresh air. I did some morning rituals while Migmig is with her. Then we went back home but her mom was still sleeping so I let our daughter wake her up so she could get going. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes after she slept at 11:30am as she kept on playing with me in our room. I arrived late in the office again as I had lunch at World Chicken before grabbing some discounted desserts at BTIC. I got to do some bank transaction before doing some tickets. My boss told me that a former colleague of mine from a different company had an interview here earlier. I guess I had my replacement after September XD. For dinner, I went back to BFast to have my wagyu feast while watching TV. When I got back I got to do some more tickets before calling it a day and took the next bus going home.I never imagined that it would be rush hour again at this time of the night. When I got home, I went online for a couple or minutes before going to bed.

Saturday: Got up at past 7:30am as my got up as well since she slept early and I wanted her to join us for breakfast. We went to Nanay first before going to Mc Donald's as we spent almost an hour there. Then I went to the bank as my wife's friend needed some cash which she obliged. When we got back, that's when Migmig started to get some tantrums again. Good thing her mom and I got to take care of her. After my baby's bath, its my turn as I need to get going to WTC to attend CAMPI's 4th PIMS (I'll write a blog about this). After all of my AA Batteries have been drained, its time for me to go, but where to? I decided to stroll around Robinson's Place Manila but I decided to drop-off at Vito Cruz all of a sudden to try The Burger Project which was opened last August 4 (I'll try to write a blog about this). Then I went straight to the computer shop nearby to kill some more time before finally going home at 11:30pm. I felt so tired that day but I still enjoyed every moment of it. ^_^

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