Tuesday, August 21

Swabeng Event: Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

Fifteen lucky bloggers will have a chance to join an exclusive dinner party at Bistro Filipino hosted by Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico. Along with one of the country's most well-loved chef (Laudico), there would be other special guests joining the event as well.

Some of Chef Lau's famous dishes would be featured and served at the dinner party to enjoy at its fullest without worrying about tooth sensitivity (better known as "pangingilo"), thanks to Colgate's Sensitive Pro-Relief.

What most people don't know about the chef:

As a self-confessed foodie, Bistro Filipino's Chef Rolando "Lau" Laudico has to endure tooth sensitivity which prevents him to fully-appreciate tasting food. Imagine tasting food on a day-to-day basis but he couldn't enjoy because of tooth sensitivity. Here's a video why

Not Swabeh: Tooth Sensitivity

As an aspiring foodie, one of the discomforts I encounter has something to do with my set of teeth. Whenever I take a sip of very cold drink or take a bite of a steaming dish, I would feel untimely pain and discomfort as my teeth gets pretty sensitive with something too hot or too cold over the years. At times, I feel I couldn't get my money's worth everytime I get this pain and I am forced to give away my food to someone else instead of enjoying it. Such a bummer don't you think?

As I got to learn more about tooth sensitivity, its a common name for Dentine Hypersensitivity. In Filipino, it is referred to as “pangingilo.” I've seen several commercials on toothpastes eliminating tooth sensitivity, I got more curious on what is the best for me until I discovered Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® Toothpaste. It provides Instant* Relief and Lasting Protection against tooth sensitivity. With this, I could enjoy my food without worrying of not finishing my plate.

As other sensitivity toothpastes* primarily numb the tooth sensitivity, the tubules that lead to the tooth center remain open. When these open tubules come in contact with hot, cold, sour or sweet triggers, it may still cause the sharp sensations. They merely address the symptom, not the cause so why settle for anything less right?

Not yet convinced, you may try a free sample by visiting their website Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.

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