Saturday, August 25

The Jinri Experience: What is Exactly a Gravure?

I'm not very much familiar with Jinri Park except that she's a DJ and does cosplay on the side. I was able to meet her personally during the DPP Event.

Fast forward, she just recently released a book on gravure which Mr Jay Tablante is the main man responsible for making it happened.

Taken from Google

But what exactly is Gravure?

It’s a collection of pictures of girls, which, had you stumbled upon them on the internet (or had Googled precisely for), would surely be kept in a secret folder in your computer, lest you want an earful from your missus or girlfriend. The girls here are cute, innocent-looking, sexy, playful,and inviting. Their "girl-next-door" appeal is so irresistable that you won't really mind finding out that they are models bound for immediate stardom and that this "book" is their ingenious way of baring a more personal side for their fans to ogle. 

Sadly though, these girls are usually Japanese, thus destroying the fantasy of the so-pretty-yet-so-normal girl who could be living right next door. For us, they have remained mere downloads, but they have never been familiar faces. 

Well, not until now. 

The Jinri Experience is the country's first ever gravure book, featuring arguably our best example of an emerging "idol" : radio DJ, model, FHM Philippines columnist, and cosplayer Jinri Park. 

Taken from Google

Well, I'm looking forward to get my own Jinri Experience (copy) and meet her in person (again!). XD

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