Friday, August 31

UNOversity: Re-Launching of UNO

Last Wednesday, we had a back to school theme at 1Esplanade as UNO has been relaunched through UNOversity. Since 2003, they have featured more than a hundred cars, bikes, gadgets and most importantly, gorgeous and sexy ladies and what a better way to celebrate their 9th anniversary is to take us there.

My friends and I got at the event just in time as there are a few people already inside. We registered and settled our payment for the collector's issue before we received some extras and went inside. They were also selling back issues signed by the covergirls themselves but I already have most of them during those days when I'm active attending events. 

I feel a bit envious of other bloggers as they were invited without paying for the collector's copy. But they won't be having one as they got in free =P.

One good thing about this event is that its not that jam-packed unlike FHM events (though I'm still bias towards FHM =P). Free food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were served. There were also some photographers and bloggers who were looking for a good position to shoot. Fortunately, we got our own slots and had our gears ready. 

By the time the show started, UNO EIC RJ Ledesma thanked each and everyone for their continued support for UNO for the past nine years. Then, it was party from there...

First, they revealed that the four covergirls for UNO's Limited Collector's Edition were Phoemela Barranda, Bubbles Paraiso, Nancy Castiglione and Kat Alano. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy. XD

Despite the heavy rain, the show was still sizzling hot as a back-to-school theme was prepared to the delight of the fans young and old. Remember those UNO Girls from Amanda Griffin to Anne Curtis that got you convinced to grab a copy years ago? I just hope they attended the party too to make the event a bigger success (just my f/2). 

Nevertheless, the presence of Aubrey Miles, Ornusa Cadness, Sarah Gaugler, Annicka Dolonius, Paloma Esmeria, Kat Alano, Tracy Abad and Mary-Ann Illustre still made the night memorable. 

With the exception of some bloggers who blocked our shooting path, we were still able to capture some decent shots while they walk down the ramp and strut their stuff.

After the event, my friends took the opportunity to have their photos taken with the lovely UNO ladies while I took some decent solo photos of them (without any distraction from others). Though I felt that the event was short, being there with some good friends matter.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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