Friday, August 24

Non-Print Day Lecture Series: Raymund Isaac

I wanted to make sure I would be able to attend this lecture series after missing out last month (Ms. Pilar Tuason was their speaker then) since I was on the waiting list and only a few backed-out then.

Last night, I got to attend Sir Jo's Non-Print Day Lecture Series. This time, Mr Raymund Isaac was his guest speaker. I was also lucky enough to get to know some secrets that he's been doing for the past 30 year in Advertising and Fashion Photography. I was still wearing baby clothes when he started photography. XD

The Raymund Isaac by Jo Avila

He shared to us his ups and downs on how he started in Photography from taking photos of Martin Nievera on his concerts to some of the bigwigs in the industry today like ************** (oops, confidential XD).

He emphasized to us the importance of going back to basics as well as establishing rapport with your subject. He also gave some lighting tips and how to make your subject pose for you. Some of the other tips he gave us includes: 

1. Portraits are best done after lunch. 
2. Get inspiration from the masters. 
3. Never lose the child in you. 
4. Do not rely on Photoshop
5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. 
6. Try to discover new things each day. 
7. Think out of the box.
8. Models with smaller eye should be the one in the front more. 
9. A good HMUA would ask what lighting set-up would be used. 
10. Magnum Ice Cream has been in existence since the 80's. XD

The night was also fun as he showed to us some of the books that he brought with him containing his works. 

I'm very fortunate to sit-in that night together with fellow photographers. I hope I could attend the next one soon. ^_^

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