Tuesday, July 17

The week that was (July 8 - 14)

Sunday: Got up early as Migmig was already awake. We just went out for a walk before coming back home so she could have breakfast there. We went upstairs to wake her mom up before going down again. That was a busy morning as the entire family will be out the entire afternoon. By 12:00pm, we took a cab going to SM North Edsa to spend the afternoon there. Two cabs were hailed as there were 9 of us waiting. We got there first and we looked for a stroller for Migmig. When the rest of them got there as well, we went to The Block to have lunch at Aristocrat (I'll write a blog about this). Then we went to The Annex as my wife needs to claim a new phone for her officemate. I was able to take pictures of Migmig while we're waiting for her mom. Then my wife told us to go ahead to trinoma as she may take a while to claim the phone. Well, we went to Trinoma via Sky Garden to have a different view and took a few more pictures. As we ascend Trinoma's escalator at North Ave., Migmig fell asleep on Nanay's (my mom-in-law) shoulders. We waited at the activity center for about an hour or so. I looked for an ATM as I fell we need cash later on and I was able to buy some Nutty Oatty again. Migmig got up an hour later as my wife has just arrived. We went up to the 4th (or 5th) floor to take more pictures. Then we went to The Landmark as my wife needs a bag for her new laptop. Again, the waiting game took another hour or so before she was able to buy what she needs. Then, we head off to the food court as Nanay wanted some halo-halo from Razon's and its already dinner time. After dinner, all of us head home and we took a cab. It didn't take us long to reach home. When we got home, my wife put our daughter to sleep and I went out to go online and do some updates. I joined them early so I could catch some more sleep for the next day.

Monday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. An hour later, we went back home so she could wake her mom up and give her a bath. Then come nap time, it took me a while before she slept before I opened the laptop and check some stuff online. By lunch time, her aunt (my wife's sister) took care of her the entire afternoon as I went out to go online again. I find it hard to go online in the afternoon at home when Migmig is still awake and doesn't want to sleep yet. When I got back home, we went out again to visit Nanay and spend some time there. My wife arrived at past 8:00pm and took over from there. I was able to read Sunday's paper before going to bed. As the weather was a bit humid, my wife turned on the aircon so we could all sleep soundly.

Tuesday: I had to get up early as my mom will pay us a visit. She got here at almost 8:00am as my baby was throwing some tantrums on me and her lola before she behaved well. After she left, we went outside to visit her other lola and stayed there for a couple of minutes before we went back and woke her mom up. The usual parent-stuff were done before we left home for work. I got in Makati early so I did some shopping at SM for my baby's diaper, making sure her supply is still steady. I grabbed something to eat at KFC as I haven't had lunch yet. Work was pretty much okay as my colleagues handled it for me. By night time, I got to settle our internet bill before looking for a place to eat. I was supposed to go to The Cheese Steak Shop at Amorsolo street but it rain started to pour. Not just rain but heavy rain so I'm stuck at Greenbelt. I tried looking from there until I ended up at Landmark's food court and had chicken from Savory and took some bibingka from Ferrinos (to go) and grabbed a big bottle of Gatorade before heading back to the office. I enjoyed the rest of the day while having bibingka at my desk waiting for the clock to strike 11:00pm. By then, I took a cab so I could get home quickly. My wife and daughter were fast asleep when I got home but my wife woke up telling me to wake her up at 5:00am. 

Wednesday:  I got up at 5:00am as I need to help my wife with her things downstairs. She told me to feed Migmig as she knew our baby was hungry already. I was able to get some more sleep once our baby's done with her milk. We got up at almost 8:00am and we went out for some fun in the sun. I did some morning rituals before taking Migmig to Mc Donald's for breakfast. Then I took her to her lola first as I prepare her bath as well as our room before they got back at almost 9:30am. Her lola gave Migmig a bath which my baby quietly cooperates. By 10:00am we were upstairs trying to put her to sleep but she slept at past 11:00am. I went online for a few minutes before getting ready for work. By 12:30pm, I'm off to work XD.Good thing I got early to Makati and I was able to have lunch at Savory before heading straight to the office. I got  a few tickets before going out to have dinner. I decided to look for The Cheese Steak Shop's new branch at Amorsolo Street. But I have to walk for 15-20 minutes just to get there as their new store is much farther than the previous one along Pasay Road. The new place was much smaller compared to the old one. It didn't took me that long to finish my sandwich before I took another 15-20 minute walk back to the office. Since my wife won't be home for the next few days, I have to go home early to be with my daughter. Good thing Migmig was fast asleep when I got home which I was able to get some rest early.

Thursday: Got up at almost 8:00am as my mom went upstairs and paid us a visit. Migmig didn't recognize my mom at first not until a few minutes after we went down. They went outside as I was able to do some morning rituals before they came back, She had mamon for breakfast as we didn't went out for her usual fun in the sun.When Nanay came home, I was able to fix my baby's bath before she gave her one. I got to clean our room while Nanay takes care of Migmig. After her bath, I tried putting her to sleep but it took me more than an hour before she slept. Anyway, I didn't mind as I am on leave anyway XD. I left home at almost 1:00pm and went online to a netcafe nearby. By 2:00pm, I'm off to Digiprint along UN Avenue to some pictures printed. Then, my next stop was at Zark's to have a Jawbreaker for lunch. The place was packed and I have to wait for a couple of minutes before I got a table. I didn't stay that long and I took the next bus to WTC to attend FHM's 100 Sexiest 2012 (I'll write a blog about it). After the party, I stayed for a while to catch-up with some friends before I took a cab at Ayala Ave. When I got home, Migmig was crawling out of the bed so I changed and took a shower as fast as I can so I could put my daughter to sleep. But she didn't want to sleep yet and instead, played the laptop with me while I'm trying to upload some photos I took from the party. I think she wanted to spend some more time and I gave her what she needs. I just turn the aircon on so that our room won't be warm and humid. I think we slept at around 3:00am more or less.

Friday: We got up at almost 8:00am as Migmig was already sucking her thumb indicating that she's hungry. Even if I slept at almost 3:00am, I had to get up and make sure my daughter's needs were taken care of. We went down for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. She ate as much as she could but I guess she wanted to go out again so I took her to Nanay so I could fix her bath and our room as well. Then it's my turn to take care of my daughter. Good thing she fell asleep after feeding her 6oz. of milk. I got to go online even for almost an hour before I got ready for work. I had to do some stops as I need to buy vitamins for her and mouthwash for me. Then I took a quick lunch at Savory at Food Choices before going straight to work. Actually, I am not supposed to report for work because I should have attended a seminar for advanced blogging but my wife didn't let me so I just went to work anyway (Jinx #1). When I got in the office, my colleagues told me that my other colleague won't be working today as he needs to attend some interviews left and right (Jinx #2). When my boss arrived, he thanked me for reporting to work and had my leave for today canceled. But I had to answer several emails and 2 calls though (Jinx #3). By dinner time, I know I wanted to have some Wagyu but when I went down, it was raining hard and I forgot to bring my jacket with me (Jinx #4). When I went back down again, rainfall was so heavy my shoes got soaked in the water (Jinx #5). I got to enjoy my wagyu dinner before going back to the office. After work, It took me around 30 minutes to hail a cab as people were doing the same thing (Jinx #6). Instead, I walked a few more blocks before I was able to hail a cab. But I had a bad feeling that the cab's meter is not working properly so I was charged a bit higher than my usual taxi fare considering I walked some (Jinx #7). When I got home, Migmig was past asleep but she felt that I'm home so she cried that she's hungry. I got to feed her first before both of us went to sleep.

Saturday: I got awake at 6:30am as Migmig was already hungry for milk. I fed her and changed her diapers, then I fell asleep again. I got up finally at 8:00am as Migmig was already playing in our room.We went out a bit late but I'd still let her walk for a few minutes before leaving her to Nanay so I could prepare her bath, clean our room and prepare my things including my laptop before taking her back home. After Nanay gave her "apo" a bath, I went up and put Migmig to sleep though it took me a while (almost 12:00pm). I left home at 12:30pm and took the 3-bus route going to the office since I have a heavy backpack with me. Traffic was quite heavy yet I arrived in the office just in the nick of time. I bought some lunch at KFC before setting-up my laptop for another Photo-Editing marathon. I got to finalize 12 sets though I didn't do it in succession. I hope for the next Saturdays until my contract expired, I could finish all of my pending albums for 2011 before I start with my 2012 sets. After my shift, I took a cab going home and I was able to get home early. My wife has already arrived and was busy online before I went to bed to get some sleep.

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