Tuesday, July 17

FHM 100 Sexiest 2012 Victory Party

This would be my 6th in a row since I started attending this event. This also keeps me connected with some friends from the FHM Bullboard as well as my other photographer friends despite with my busy schedule, I made sure I won't miss this. 

Last Thursday (July 12, 2012) I arrived at The World Trade Center at 3:30pm (my earliest XD). A few minutes after, I saw some of my friends there as they fall in line as well. I was able to score some tickets from one of my friends who happens to be a Moderator of FHM-Bullboard XD. With luck on my side, I was able to secure a VIP Slot in which means I could position myself for a better shooting position.

By the time we got in, I scouted for a good spot to shoot. A few of my friends were able to get up to the photographer's ramp and I got up there as well. 

When the show started, I started taking pictures from the ramp. Unfortunately, I was pulled down by the bouncers as I couldn't show them an ID (I'm guessing some loser told the bouncers he/she can't secure a good spot like we had). When I got down, it was too crowded at the VIP area for me to take pictures. I strolled around the area before going back to the VIP to take pictures. 

I was pretty far from the stage plus I don't have a good position towards the stage. I guess I need to get a lens that can cover longer focal lengths in the near future for incident like these. At the end of the event, I enjoyed because I was able to spend some good time with friends that I only see once in a while. 

Unfortunately, I have to go home after the event as I had work the next day and my daughter was waiting for me back home. 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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