Thursday, July 26

Canon's First Mirrorless Camera (Canon EOS M)

Well, I'm on leave right now but why the hell I'm here in the office? XD

I just finished shooting some night shots at Ayala Triangle Gardens as I took a breather from carrying a heavy bag. Speaking of which, I have my Canon 7D for almost 6 months now. The only complain I have in this camera is that its so heavy and bulky, I need to use my camera bag most of the time. I guess its time to look for another camera I suppose. 

After browsing through some photography-related forums, Canon has release their own mirrorless version to compete with other brands. 

From Canon's Website

One thing I realize is that having a semi-pro DSLR has its pros and cons, the only con for me being its size and weight. Plus a big DSLR is pretty catchy to almost all security guards wherever you take photos or snapshots. That made me re-assess and realize that I do need a camera with DSLR-like functions but should be as small as a digital camera. 

For me, what I'm looking for in a camera are simple:

1. It should be light and compact especially when I take my family out for lunch or dinner. And also, it shouldn't attract attention especially security guards. 
2. It should work like a DSLR which is capable of taking superb photos and videos. 

With all said and done, the Canon EOS-M is like a Canon EOD 650D but smaller and lighter. It is also comparable with other mirrorless cameras that are already out in the market. 

But I have yet to read some in-depth reviews about the Canon EOS-M as I need to understand its pros and cons. Though eventually, I'll get my hands on this camera and give my own personal reviews soon. XD

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