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Swabeng Thoughts: Things I've learned from FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory Party (Some Tips)

Since 2003, FHM always have this party as a tribute to the 100 sexiest pinays in the land. I've been attending this party since 2007 and somehow, I was able to collect all the experience possible. Anyway, I'll share what I have learned in the past 6 years. 

1. It pays to have a connection: As a member of the FHM Bullboarders (A Forum for FHM Fans and the like), they do have moderatos who maintain the forums clean and troll-free. At the same time, they also receive invites to share with their friends (you have to know them for a while for you to get their trust). And it happens to be that I'm friends with some since 2006 though I only got invites from them in the last two years (including this year) XD. Aside from that, make sure to be friends with people who always have access to the event be it on a regular admission or the VIP.

2. Prepare early: As early as two months prior to the show, some of the sponsors raffle off tickets to the party. Some personalities (from models, to admins), also raffle off some tickets to deserving winners so its not a bad idea to start early. I got my first four invites from joining contests even if I know my moderator friends would save one for me XD.

3. Know the stage: For the past six years that I have attended this event, the stage where all the beautiful ladies, would walk on changes every year depending on the concept of the show. The worst stage that I remember was in 2009 and the best so far was this year and last year. As a photographer, you should determine which spot would they (ladies) usually stop for a pose as well as the best position to take pictures at. 

4. Know your priorities when shooting: I remember taking pictures of all models on each booth a few years back that I forgot to secure a good position to take pictures of the show. For two year in a row, I've been more focused on taking pictures of the show that I forget that some good things do happen on some booths. If I only have an all-access pass I could cover both but I am happy so far. 

5. Be early at the venue: Some people would be there as early as 4 hours before the event. I got there at 3:30pm (my earliest XD) since I don't have a ticket at that time. But one reason its better to be early is to be able to take some pictures of the booths from the sponsors or go as close as you can to the stage (be it at the regular admission or at the VIP). Last year, we got close to the stage and got some decent shots. 

6. Make sure your nourished: Waiting outside for the doors to open and inside for the show to start can make one hungry. Have a heavy meal before you go in so you would have enough energy to last the entire night. Have sips of water or energy drink but don't overdo it as you may do frequent trips to the bathroom which you may lose your shooting spot to someone else. 

7. One or two steps up: Some photographers would bring a ladder or a chair to step-on to get a better vantage. Maybe next year, I'll try to invest on one and go a step or two up.

8. Have fun: Since the event is mostly dominated by guys like you and me with some ladies as well, have fun and enjoy the show. ^_^

Well that's all I can recall for now. I may add some more here or I'll put it on another post. ^_^

Anyway, here is a teaser of what to come soon.

A preview. Nice to look at but please, no stealing. God is watching you. ^_^

Enjoy this one. ^_^


  1. Hindi pala Basta basta nakak pasok sa mga ganitong event gusto ko pa naman sana.. pwede ba friends na tayo? hehehe

  2. Wow, it's really quite challenging pala to get a ticket for the party. As of the moment, I don't see myself attending this one. But maybe some time in the future, when I'm more into event and glamour photography.. :)

  3. Very helpful tips. High-end events like this is really hard to penetrate. Sa NEWS na lang ako mag-aabang what transpired sa event:)

  4. Lucky guy to have access for FHM 100 for several years now. I hope to see your post and photos on the actual event.

  5. Haha. Though I'm not fond of these things, it does not hurt going to something like this, eh? :)

  6. Great tips for wanna be events photographer.

  7. Woot! Base from experience, mejo challenging talaga pag ika'y events photographer. You have to be snappy most especially sa settings ng camera in order to capture great photos!

  8. wow.. thanks sa tips :)

  9. Make sure you're nourished talaga, baka daw kasi sunggaban mo ang mga models sa gutom. :))

  10. Was about to ask sino yung model... nasa labels pala ang sagot. :)

  11. i don't really like fhm, actually. hehe. but these are pretty good tips for many events. thanks for sharing! hopefully soon, i can attend an important event FHM's.


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