Friday, June 8

Your covergirl/coverboy for the School Year, June 2012

As we reach the end of our first school week (Most classes started last June 4), some are still clueless who would be this month's covergirl at the beginning of the school year. 

Well here are your Mam's (and Sir XD) as the cover for June 2012 men's magazine. 

1. FHM: Kaye Abad: Why only now? Another rival magazine (RIP) has already featured her last 2007. Yet I'm still curious how she look like when shot FHM-Style.

2. Esquire: John Lloyd Cruz: A guy in a men's magazine? why not? This fellow Tabing-ilog alumnus (together with Kaye Abad). The good guy in most movies, will we see a badder John Lloyd? With Sam Pinto included in the mag, why not right? 

3. Rogue: Marian Rivera: Again?!? It's just her second time to cover Rogue (When will she pose for FHM???). Based from their facebook account, her pictures were jaw dropping. I'll still get this copy as my quest to complete all of its back issues continue.

4. Playboy: Nina: Soul Siren Nina did a Burlesque on Playboy Philippines. Apparently, this issue flips over yet you could still read it right side-up though I have yet to find Nina's alternate cover.

So there, don't forget your books, notebook, pens and these magazines while they're still available. XD

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