Sunday, June 10

And Eight Belts become Seven

Most people say its a sad day in the world of boxing as Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley via split decision. Millions of boxing fans both here and abroad were dismayed on how the verdict has been given.

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I didn't watch the entire game as the results have already been spoiled by ABS-CBN. What puzzled me is how the judges scored during the fight given that Bradley hardly gave a strong punch to knock Pacquiao out.

Anyway, I also wasn't able to watch the Pacquiao-Marquez match a couple of months back though most say Marquez won until I saw the scorecard and how the judges scored the fight.

Here is how punches were scored. If you noticed, Bradley threw more punches than Pacquiao yet Pacquiao landed more punches than Bradley. I wished they were able to dissect it per round instead of posting the total number of punches the entire match

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However, the judges score is what matters most in a boxing match. As you could see below, Jerry Roth gave the match to Pacquiao while CJ Ross and Duane Ford gave the match to Bradley. The two pictures seen were really contrasting yet you have to see how it really went during each round. 

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Like it or not, we have a new WBO World Welterweight Champion to Timothy Bradley via split decision.

Well I guess we have to move on and let's see how the rematch (if possible) would turn out into.

To me, Pacquiao is still The People's Champion for years to come.

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