Friday, June 8

Start Something: A Productive Pinoy Talk at Fully Booked BHS.

Early this afternoon, I attended a small talk on how to thrive in a fast-paced world and be productive. I was able to make a perfect excuse to attend the event. XD

I arrived at Fully Booked in BHS at around 2:00pm and I registered for the event. The gave away some chocolates as goodies to keep us awake and alert. 

Host Bob Barcebal was the one who made sure that the event won't be boring as we were asked to stand up and get to know 5 people we didn't know. I was able to get to know around 5 people or more as the objective of the activity is to  build a network and enhance your communication and interaction skills. As Bob mentioned, "To succeed in any endeavor, you've got to take the initiative." 

There was also a game which whoever guess the title of the movie shall receive a copy of "Productive Pinoy". Since I wanted that book so bad, I made sure I would participate and luckily I won. XD

Then Bob introduced the man behind the book "Productive Pinoy", Mr Yeng Remulla. I never knew he used to be in a band until he decided to go full time as an entrepreneur. He gave us some thoughts on what it means to be a productive Pinoy. I browsed some of its pages and it deserves a swabeng book review (I'll write a blog about the book soon). 

Then it was Yeng's turn to talk. Everyone listened and participated. I even participated and won his Productive Pinoy book (I'm browsing some of its pages right now here in the office).

"Do what you LOVE what you do". 

That phrase gave me a lot of ideas on how to start something and be a better individual. I'm sure you'd be inspired as well. 

Then, we had three resource speakers who also gave us inspiration on starting something new. Marvin Dinlasan of Bro Talks was the first guest speaker followed by Rochelle Chua of Hearty's Haven. And finally, Cornel Bongco (aka The Gospel Yoyo Man) shared his story on how he started using his yoyo to share life-inspiring messages. 
It was a very fun-filled afternoon as the talk was capped-off with Yeng on "How to achieve Major Major Goals". 

And before I went back to work, I made sure to have my book signed by no other than Yeng himself. The event was very inspiring as I need to do some changes in my habits to start something in my life. ^_^

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