Monday, June 11

The week that was (June 3 - 9)

Sunday: Got up at almost 7:00am after being asleep for more than 10 hours since I'm not feeling good since the previous day. I took Migmig out for a walk before we had our breakfast at Mc Donald's. I made sure to spend as much time as possible so my wife could get her much needed rest. When we got back, Migmig walked again all over the apartment. By the time, my wife put our daughter to sleep, I went out to buy her milk. It took me almost an hour to buy the milk and I got some Sunday's paper. When I got back, I wanted to get some sleep but I wasn't able to do it until late in the afternoon. My wife wanted to go videoke with her sister's letting me to put our daughter to sleep. As soon as my baby falls asleep, I got to sleep again and got up a few minutes before 6:00pm. We went out again to visit her lola and let our baby walk again. Its all smiles for us seeing her walk to and fro. We got back an hour after so my wife could give her dinner. Well, our baby wanted to stay up late and I think she slept at almost 11:00pm. I joined them after reading Sunday's paper. All of a sudden, Migmig had a bad dream that she cried so loud my wife and I made sure she's comforted and well-taken care of. Good thing she fell asleep again and we soon followed her.

Monday: To my surprise, we got up at past 9:30am. Yes! 9:30am as my cellphone ran out of batteries since the other night. This was the first time I got up this late since I got married and its quite an unusual for me to get up late. Well we just let our baby walk inside our home. And since she woke-up late, we just gave her a bath before we spend some time upstairs and downstairs. By 1:30pm, she fell asleep so I turn on the aircon and started edited some pictures. The last time I edited was almost a month ago when Migmig's aunt was still with us solely taking care of our baby. But now we had to take care of our daughter almost full-time, Its impossible now for me to edit pictures with no help at hand. She got up at 4:00pm after sleeping for two and a half hours and editing almost a hundred photos. We went down to get her dressed before going out to her lola's stall. It was a very windy afternoon as I let her walk back and forth. By night time we went back home and feed her dinner while waiting for her mom who arrived at past 7:00pm. That point, she took over and took care of our daughter until she falls asleep. When I joined them late at night, both of them were sleeping already XD.   

Tuesday: Got up earlier at almost 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit. However, Migmig was still asleep so my mom had just left early. Five minutes after she has left, My wife and Migmig got awake and went downstairs. Too bad my mom just missed it by a couple of minutes. We did the usual daddy-mommy chores again before putting our daughter to sleep in the morning. I got to watch her until I fell asleep as well. My wife woke me up telling me to get ready as her sister would be the one to take a look into our daughter. I left home at 11:30am and took the LRT2-MRT route reaching SM Makati early. I bought some diapers for our baby and some toothpaste as well. After doing some shopping, I had lunch at El Presidente again and ordered a 2-viand combo plus "hakao" despite having a heavy luggage with me. I got in the office ahead of time and got online after being offline for 3-days. I got a feedback at work which was unpleasant. I answered back as the feedback they gave was not the correct one but I rather move on and move forward. Work was quite okay as I to do some emails while I'm online doing something else. For dinner, I've been looking almost everywhere until my feet ended up at Mr Jones. I ordered their cheesesteak sandwich but I didn't like it that much. I guess I ordered the wrong food plus the place was not as visually as I was expecting. I got a bit soaked in the rain when I got back but it was light work for me as I'm feeling a bit off. After shift, I took a cab so I could get home as quick as I can. When I got home, my wife was already asleep so I got to go online for another hour before finally going to bed

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:30am as Migmig got up as well. I took her out for a couple of minutes before going back to have pandesal (for her) for breakfast. I had a cupful of oatmeal as well to keep me nourished. Our baby was in play-mode as she kept on walking and holding our hand to lead us to where she wants to go to. After giving her a bath, her mom tried putting her to sleep before calling my attention as she needs to go to work as well. I let her sister look for Migmig while I got to watch an NBA game before getting ready for work. Though I left early, my stomach begins to growl so I decided to drop by at Chili's hoping I would be able to set-foot in. Luckily I was able to have my lunch at Chili's even if I know I'm gonna be late (who cares anyway?). I enjoyed my burger more than my cheesesteak sandwich the other night I may pay them a visit before my contract ends. I arrived in the office at 2:40pm after settling my account at Sun. I started working on some tickets before I went down again to have my daily check of my blood pressure. As of date, I'm at 150/90 which quite worried me a lot. For dinner, I've scouted the entire Greenbelt but I ended up taking-out two spaghetti and a burger at Jollibee just below our building. I guess roaming the entire mall made me somewhat lose a pound or two I think.I enjoyed having it while working on other tickets before my shift ended. I hailed a cab again going home so I could be with my wife and baby. My wife was asleep again for the 4th straight night and I got to go online again for an hour before going to bed finally.

Thursday: Got up at almost 8:00am after my wife fed our baby early this morning. I took her out for a morning walk at the church and she seems to like it. She liked it so much she screams out loud every time I let her walk down the aisle. When we got back, she had pandesal for breakfast while walking around the livingroom. After my wife gave our baby a bath, it was my turn to put her to sleep. Though it took me a while to get her to sleep, eventually, she slept XD. I fell asleep as well I didn't notice the time. It was 12:00pm and we just went down after she woke up. I immediately took a  bath and got ready for work. My wife gave me some errands that I was able to do as well as buy some bananas for me. I was thinking the other day if I buy those two books I saw (The Photographer's Mind and The Photographer's Vision both by Michael Freeman) or not. I got in the office with a few minutes to spare I started going online and working on a ticket at the same time to be more productive. By the time I transfer to my workstation, my work has already been done. I went out to buy some soup and empanadas for lunch and I really enjoyed it while it's hot. For dinner, I wasn't thinking about it. But rather I was thinking if I'll be buying the two photography books I saw or not. I stopped by Powerbooks at GB3 and I was able to see both of the books I've been eyeing. I also saw another book by Scott Kelby which is already at Part 4. I was able to browse an open copy and I might get it on the next payday but first I was able to buy the two books I wanted by Michael Freeman. I had some Gelatto while reading my new books XD. Still feeling hungry, I got some more dinner at Bonchon and ate in in the office. I took a cab again after shift so I could be home in no time. My wife was again sleeping when I got home. While getting ready for bed, our baby cried so loud all of a sudden my wife suspected that it was her diaper that's giving her problems. It took us almost half an hour before we were able to comfort her. We didn't let her wear any diaper for the night so the ointment my wife applied would take maximum effect.

Friday: Got up at 7:45am as Migmig feels much better compared to the other night. I took her out for a walk again but with no diapers (she's just wearing shorts) and good thing she didn't pee while were out. Then I let her walk some more as I know she insisted and somehow she wanted to exercise more. After my wife gave her a bath, its my turn to put our daughter to sleep. It took me some time but eventually, I succeeded XD. I got to fix some stuff while she's sleeping before my wife reminded me to get ready. I made sure I had a perfect excuse so I could go to BHS. I arrived at Fully Booked in BHS a few minutes before 1:00pm and there were a few people already waiting for a talk on being a Productive Pinoy (I'll write a blog about this). By 3:30pm, the talk has already ended and I felt I have some more time. I had my late lunch at Sisig Hoorar (I ate 2 orders) before heading back to Makati. I got there at almost 6:00pm as I set-up my PC and work on some requests. An hour later probably, I went down and bought 2 full bowls of soup again at The Soup Kitchen (with a 50% discount XD). My boss gave us a special task that we were able to start with. By the end of our shift, I took a cab for the 4th straight night as I got home before midnight. There was a power outage that lasted for a couple of minutes and we were able to make ourselves comfortable before finally going to bed.

Saturday: My phone rang at 6:00am telling me to get ready to head to FEU for the day's walk. But I still feel a little bit sleepy plus Migmig is starting to be awake so I tried putting her to sleep by feeding her and it didn't work. By 6:45am, we went down and I gave her to her lola so I could take a quick bath and get ready. We all went to the stall so she could walk for a couple of minutes before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I was able to take good pictures of my daughter while she's on the high-chair and at the stall before I kissed my girl goodbye and hand her to my mom-in-law. I got to FEU a few minutes before 8:00am to meet Mr Lawrence Chan and company for the FEU Art-Deco Tour (I'll be creating a sepatare blog about it). After the 4-hour tour (which could have been longer), I had to say goodbye to them since I need to go to work. I got in the office ahead of time and started setting-up. I had my BP (Blood Pressure) checked and it was still at 150/90. Then I went out to find a good place to eat but I wasn't able to find one so I had my packed oatmeal for lunch after being hungry for more than 6 hours. Then I went out again to Ayala Triangle Garden to take some pictures of Manila Bulletin's Sketchpad contest. But since there were no artworks of those, I just took pictures of the Banig Exhibit at the same venue (I may write a blog about this). Then I went back to the office to start doing the special project our boss gave us the other night. I was able to finish my part while watching a documentary from youtube. My other colleague reported half-day after I did mine the other day. By 8:00pm, I was looking for a place to eat until I ended up at BFast again. For the rest of my shift, I just simply enjoyed my remaining time there until logging-off. I hail a cab again as I'm so sleepy and I wanted to get some sleep when I get home. ^_^

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