Monday, June 11

The Curse of the Paquiao's 16th game

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With Manny Paquiao's loss to Timothy Bradley yesterday, there were a lot of speculations whether Paquiao was robbed off his belt on purpose. Most say there was a mafia involved so they claw their way in and let Paquiao lose the match. Several Paquiao critics may be happy with the result, however millions of boxing fans whether here or abroad say he really won the match.

But what made me curious here is while I'm watching the morning news, they say that Paquiao loses to someone every 16th of his fight. Could this be true? If it is, then it could have been his nth 16th match resulted in his 4th loss in his professional boxing career.

Anyways, I've got to check some sources from the web and I was able to get Paquiao's W-L-D record from his professional debut until his recent fight with Bradley.

I hope he don't lose his next fight before the year ends.

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