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Swabeng Thoughts: 10 Reasons Why You Suck in Photography - And How to correct it.

Disclaimer: Please do read this with a very open mind and make sure to take a grain of salt while reading as this may hit you hard. XD Most of the post here are simply my personal opinion and if you can't take it, just hit the "X" button on the upper right corner of your screen (top left for MAC and Ubuntu users) XD.

While doing my usual surfing, I got to see this interesting topic from a fellow Filipino residing abroad on why would one suck at photography. Though I'm affected in some of them, what's missing is the "Hack" or simply how to overcome it. His blog could have been more "Swabeh" with that. Anyways, here are some reasons why you suck at photography and how to hack it.

1. You don't know when to shoot in RAW: Well some DSLR users don't have an idea how nice it is to shoot on RAW. I used to be one of those who shoot JPEG instead of RAW. But the solution here is not to shoot RAW all the time. Its when you should shoot in RAW and in JPEG. If you're shooting events, I'd suggest go for JPEG. A RAW + JEPG would still do as long as you have several memory cards with you. If you have the intention to print your images, then shoot RAW. If you plan to do daily shooting, you can use jpeg to save you time and disk space unless you are really a hardcore raw fan.

2. You are just contented posting your pictures online in Facebook and in your blog: You have already upgraded your camera to a DSLR and probably bought a lens or two that are to-of-the-line. Then what would you do next after taking pictures using your new toy? Are you contented with just posting your pictures online? I'm not saying that DON'T post online (like I do most of the time). I still post online but not all the time. Why? Because I prefer to have my best shots printed to share it to my family. As my photography mentor once said, its BEST to have your best images printed.

3. You DON'T read the F*** Manual: When you purchased your camera, you get to test it right away even without bother reading some pieces of papers (or booklet) that came with it. The moment that your shot didn't came out the way you wanted, you would ask friends online and in real life how to do it better (I'm 100% sure you'd do that). Guilty as charged? Spare a few minutes and understand your camera's manual. Don't have a print manual? Just search one from Google and I believe there are links that would give you a specific manual for your camera. Now you DON't have an excuse why you shouldn't read the F@*@*@* manual. XD

4. You keep on using your camera's AUTO Mode even if you're using a DSLR already: I've seen a few people holding their DSLRs, taking pictures, using AUTO mode. I do even see bloggers use DSLR like a bling-bling and yet their dial is set to Auto. If you prefer to use auto, why not get a digicam or a smartphone right =P ? Anyway, I believe that camera has a manual and just do #3. XD

5. You don't know when to use your flash especially outdoors: When outdoors, we have the sunlight that gives us the light that we need to capture good images. However, there are instances where the flash is your friend especially when used properly and correctly. I have yet to try using flash in an outdoor setting but definitely I'll let you know what happened then.

6. You keep on joining free-shoots: You saved more than enough cash to get yourself the gear you have and probably some more for attending seminars and workshops. And why the hell you keep on joining free-shoots and going to ex-deal shoots (semi-guilty here!)? Joining free-shoots and ex-deals shoots are a good start but please, don't stay there for long. Do you want to hear from other people that you can't invest on a good shoot?

7. You DON'T practice what you read: Sure there are a lot of photography books and tutorials online for you to read and learn. And what you learn from these books are meant to be practiced as often as possible. For starters, just do it. Then you can break some rules to create a better images.

8. You're too dependent on your Photoediting Software: You got the mantra of editing in Photoshop/Lightroom can make your lousy shot look good: You take a photo, it's lousy and you say, Photoshop/Lightroom can adjust my lousy shot to look better. Seriously?!?!?! My photography mentor said that your workflow should begin from the concept on how would you shoot the photo and not on how would you edit your crappy shot.

I'm sure you got affected with one (or more) of this post. XD Anyway, I did too and this would be the best time to learn and improve before its too late. ^_^

You have anything to share? Please let me know. ^_^

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