Friday, June 15

A Father's letter to his Daughter.

Dear Marien,

You know, I'm so glad you came to my life. I thought getting married was the icing on the cake to cap up what I have done so far in my life. Yet when you came, I felt so much joy I wanted to do more things just to make sure you are well taken care of and loved.

Almost a year ago, your mom and I thought we would lose you as she's having a delicate pregnancy. She's 36 years old that time where most women would already have bear more than enough children to raise. When the doctors told me your chance to live is almost zero, I tried my best not to cry as your mom was already in tears. We didn't know what to choose then. If your mom didn't had her cyst (almost as big as my head) removed, both of you would have been gone by now (and I'd be a young widow at 32). When we decided, to have her cyst removed, making you so vulnerable. I felt like the entire world has fell upon me as I went to the comfort room and cried for the first time in years. I wanted to blame God on why He put the both of you at a delicate risk. After the operation, your mom's cyst (as well as her left ovary) was removed and you were still in your mom's womb. That proves God does really do miracles.

It took me a while to think of your name to coincide with the word miracle. I was hoping for a son and God gave me a daughter. When your mom was on labor, It took her 17 grueling hours which ended up under the knife so you would be able to see the world. At the first glimpse of you, I smiled and all my pain from that sleepless night went away. I was like looking at myself when I was born more than three decades ago. 

Raising you was not a walk in the park for your mom and I but we made sure we enjoyed every minute of it while you are still little. Father's Day last year was so memorable to me it gave a new meaning to the word probably most men dread to be called Dad.

Since you won't be able to read this as you're still thirteen months old, I know someday you may stumble upon this blog hopping you would be able to read this someday whether I'm still blogging or doing something else.

As one said this, "Any man can be a Father but I can only be your Dad" 

With Love, 

PS. I'm writing this a few days in advance as I know I may not be able to complete this on time. ^_^


  1. na touch aq dito bro! your baby is an angel, Happy fathers they to you bro!

  2. miracle baby!!! you're a blessed child Marien! make your father proud! happy father's day mark!

  3. Happy Fathers Day! Babyyyyy very very adorable. :)

  4. "Any man can be a Father but I can only be your Dad"
    - agree! :)
    happy fathers day!

  5. Awwww... this is so heartwarming! You truly have become a father and you deserve all the love that your wife and daughter can give you. Happy Father's Day Sir Mark! :)

  6. Hopefully, you'd never forget this when time comes that there will be trials in your family life.

    Touching letter.

  7. Happy Father's Day! This is a very touching letter and experience and I'm sure when your daughter gets to read it one day, he'll be so proud of her parents for being strong and holding on to her even if it was risky.

  8. belated happy father's day, sir mark.
    my mum was the same age as your wife when she gave birth to me and it wasn't easy for my mum too. your post also makes me think of so much gratefulness for my parents.

  9. Very touching! Happy Father's Day!

  10. Good to hear that your wife and daughter are both SAFE.
    I was close to tears while reading your story. SHE is
    truly GOD's gift and I'm sure she'll be more PROUD of you when she's
    grown and will able to read this post.


  11. aw.... touchy! Belated Happy Father's Day to you and I know that you will have many more days like this to celebrate.

    I gave birth to my 2nd child at 39, diabetic and via CS.. When my son was a month old, he had pneumonia and was touch and go.. Doctor declared him 50-50 but God is so merciful!

    Treasure every moment and every stages/milestones in your daughter's life... you and your wife is so blessed!


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