Thursday, June 14

Events to go to this weekend

Some of them have already started as early as this morning but most of them would start by Friday.

Anyway, here are some events that you may want to go to.

1. MAFBEX 2012 (Back to Basics): I'm still looking at my archives if I have attended MAFBEX last year. So far, I enjoyed some of the foodie events I attended last year though I have yet to attend one this year. I'll try to enjoy as much as I can with limited time perhaps.

2. Toycon 2012: I have yet to miss a toycon event since I started attending a few years ago. Though I'm not a fanatic collector of toys, I like taking pictures of them. And not to mention some cosplayers will be there as well so I might be there in the afternoon.

3. 3-in-1 Biggest Imaging and Printing Exhibition: My first time if I would be able to attend. XD

4. Spark 2012: The first time I attended this was in 2010. I have learned some from the country's best given that they do have limited time (5 minutes) to talk on stage. And with the list of speakers who would share their time for us in sharing their trade secrets, who are we to refuse right? XD

5. Metro Rides 4: Uhm, I'm not sure if I can attend to this event but I can try. And I may stay there for a an hour at the most. Our country does not ran out of carshows for photographers and enthusiasts.

6. All for Him (The First Lifestyle Events for Men): I'm not sure what to expect but I guess I could do a sidetrip here come Father's Day. XD

That would be six events for the weekend. Hope to see you around. XD

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