Tuesday, June 5

The week that was (May 27 - June 2)

Sunday: Got up a bit late at 7:30am as we went down and out for a walk. Instead of having breakfast at Mc Donald's, we had pandesal back home to save some money and let Migmig have a different environment. After my wife give our daughter a bath, we tired putting her to sleep in the morning at 11:00am. I got to get some sleep as well. I didn't know that both of us slept for probably 2 hours before we got ready to attend the 4:00pm mass. After mass, we head-off to SM Manila to find some baby swimwear for Migmig and for my wife as well. Unfortunately, my wife found our baby's swimwear quite expensive to be used at least once a year. After we bought the things we need, we strolled around the mall and let Migmig try walking on her own and with her walking wings. So far, I see nothing but smiles on my baby as she enjoyed walking around the mall. For dinner, we decided to have it at Yello Cab provided they have high-chair for our baby. We somehow enjoyed our dinner and even Migmig wanted more. We were really tired when we got home but I really enjoy spending time with my family and I'll make sure that my Sundays (except if my work falls on a Sunday) are free so I could spend it with them.

Monday: Got up at past 7:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. We had breakfast at Mc Donalds so she could eat as much as she can. I tried entertaining myself by watching the way she eats. Then we had to giver a bath and let her take a short nap before my wife gets ready. When she's done, it's my turn to get ready as we head off to The Medical City for Migmig's monthly check-up with her doctor. We took a cab and got there within 30-45 minutes. We didn't have to wait that long as we let our daughter walk on her own so she would learn much faster. When it was her turn with the doctor, she started crying again indicating her little trauma that we made sure she won't get hurt. After her check-up, its off to my wife's office so she could work half-day. I bought some food for the two of us since we haven't ate for hours. Then we tried putting her to sleep to no avail. I decided to buys some Frap at Starbucks since the promo for a 50% off on fraps are until 6:00pm of that day. I took Migmig with me so that my wife could work and my baby could see different things. When we got to Starbucks, there were a lot of people inside exchanging stories, making noise. To my surprise, my daughter fell asleep in the middle of all the noise going on. I got to buy 3 venti fraps and carried my sleeping baby on my other arm before going back to my wife's office. I gave Migmig to her mom so I could go online even for an hour. She got to sleep for more than an hour before she got up and she's more cheerful onwards. We left the office at 7:00pm and took the LRT ride and got home an hour later. She had dinner before going to bed at past 9:00pm. I joined them at almost midnight as I feel sleepy as well and my wife have already slept ahead of me XD.

Tuesday: Got up a bit late again and I took Migmig down for a walk. Then we had breakfast at Mc Donald's as my baby needs to eat a lot to get some energy for the rest of the day. I was able to get some nap while my baby did the same after her bath. For the past couple of days, I wanted to edit some pictures while my baby is taking her morning nap but I guess she's so contagious I too fell asleep at the same time. My wife woke me up telling me its my turn to get ready for work. By the time I'm almost done,Migmig was already awake and crying. That's a time for me to decode what my baby needs. By the time my mom-in-law has arrived, I'm already off to work. I thought I'll be arriving early in the office but the queue on the MRT-Cubao Station was too long I decided to take the bus from Cubao to Ayala. I did the right choice as I got in the office just in time for work. I grabbed some snacks at The Soup Kitchen since I haven't had any lunch yet. By 7:00pm, I went to SM Makati to buy some diapers for my baby. Were trying to upsize to XL from her L-size. Then I tried some congee from El Presidente before going back to the office. When I got back, I realized that I ordered too many congee that I shared one to my colleague. By the time my shift ended, I took a cab since I got a loadful of stuff with me. When I got home, Migmig was already sleeping and my wife was still online before I joined the two of them.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as Migmig got up late as well.We went out right away so I could walk Migmig for a couple of minutes before we went back home so Migmig can have pandesal for breakfast. Her mom got up early but she needs to do some of our baby's laundry so that it doesn't get piled-up. I got to take a nap as I feel a bit sleepy again and Migmig has already slept first. By the time I got up, she's at her playful mood again. Her lola has arrived just in time for me to report to the office. But I made a pitstop at CBTL in Greenbelt 3 that made me arrive late by a couple of minutes (that didn't matter to me anyway). Work was quite okay as I got to do some emails before heading out for dinner. For dinner, I got a soup from The Soup Kitchen and salad and pasta at Paris Delice. It was really a satisfying dinner though all of a sudden, I felt a bit uncomfortable. I felt a bit stressed on the latter part of the shift as I need to get some work done ASAP. Since, I'm the only helpdesk on shift (together with my boss) I had him do the dirty work while I do the rest. By the end of my shift, I went straight home but not without having a bar of Magnum at 7-11 near home. When I got home, my wife was still awake all about to sleep.

Thursday: Got up at 8:15am for the third time this week. Though I got more sleep compared with previous weeks, it wasn't helpful as planned as we need to do some household chores double time. I took Migmig down and let her walk in our living room while having pandesal for breakfast. My wife woke up at past 9:00am and hurriedly gave Migmig a bath before trying to put her to sleep.I joined her to sleep as well just as I was about to edit some pictures stored on our laptop. Good thing Migmig's lola arrived a bit early so I could leave for office at almost 1:00pm. For some reason, I still arrived in the office just in time and my colleague was able to report for work as well. I got to do other things aside from a single ticket I got to handle. I guided my colleague with a task that only a few of us can efficiently handle. For snacks, I bought some spaghetti from Jollibee as its one of my favorites of all-time. Come dinner time, I went to Greenbelt 3 again to use my vouchers as it will expire. First, I grab a free drink at Seattle's Best before heading off to Fish and Co as I have my paycheck on my ATM. To be honest, that could be a mistake I made as my tooth started to hurt again the minute I tried to bite the fish I bought. Eventually, I fight through the pain and I was able to finish my dinner before heading off to Starbucks to get my free frap (when I buy one). I am really full though I got to chug-down two venti frappuccino. After my shift, I took the next bus home to get that much needed rest hoping my toothache would go away for a long long time.

Friday: Got up a few minutes before 8:00am and I took out our daughter for a quick walk. So far, my tooth wasn't aching yet. We got back after a few minutes just after buying pandesal for breakfast. My wife and I did the usual mommy-daddy tasks before I let Migmig take her morning nap as my wife left for work late again. Until we find a permanent solution for Migmig's "yaya" we had no choice but to compromise on our work schedules. Good thing my wife's sister was there to assist me as I left home just in time for work. I got in the office a little bit early and set-up my PC. My late lunch consists of a roast beef sandwich from Oliver's and a drink from the Big Chill as the soup Kitchen has yet to set their prices at 50% off. Work was a bit okay. By 6:00pm, I went out to buy dinner and good thing the Soup Kitchen were already selling at 50% off. Which means I bought two full bowls of soup at 175 pesos only. By 7:00pm, we thought we can breathe with a sigh of relief but we need to take some more calls until 8:00pm as our US counterpart took his day-off today and the rest of them won't be in until 8:00pm. I got several calls within the span of an hour, probably 4-5 calls in all for me. After shift, I head first to the drugstore to buy some sunscreen for my wife and daughter for their event the next day.

Saturday: Got up at 6:30am as my wife was already awake and getting ready to go to Celebrity Sports Plaza for their company's outing/get-together. Though I was able to get up early, it took us a while to wake our daughter up. To my surprise, she usually gets-up early ahead of us and for the 2nd time that we had to go somewhere, she's the last one to get up XD. Our ride pick-us up at 7:30am and we head straight off to her boss' condo unit in Katipunan where we had breakfast there. It's been a while since the last time I went there (I was single that time). Then it's off to The Celebrity Plaza for us to have a good time (I may create a blog for this). The downfall is that I haven't been able to attend Hotter Summer Nights for the 2nd straight year in a row (I hope it stops there). Though I feel uncomfortable due to headaches, I managed the day. When we got home at past 7:00pm, I relaxed for a bit before hitting the sack at 8:00pm. That would be the first time I slept early in a year or so. ^_^

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