Tuesday, May 15

The week that was (May 6 - 12)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun before she had her breakfast. Then her mom took over as she gave her a bath before putting her to sleep at 11:00am. Since I had only a few hours of sleep the other night, I joined my daughter for a long nap before both of us got up at 12:30pm. Just in time, I took a bath and told my wife to get ready as we head off to Naci located in Conneticut Street in Greenhills where we will be having our long late lunch. After spending 2 hours there, we head off to Virra Mall to stroll around. My wife wanted to buy an external hard drive so we could free-up some space on our laptop. We tried looking for WD Element 2TB EHD but we could only find a 1TB HD as most stores already have no 2TB. We settled for the 1TB WD Elements. We roamed the area for some more before taking the bus home as all of us got really tired. When we got home, I settled down for a while before taking the laptop down as I tried to back-up using our new external hard drive (I might write a blog for this one). I was successful in transferring almost 100GB of pictures taken for the past 2 years and got our laptop some much needed space. I went upstairs and joined my baby to sleep at 10:30pm, the earliest for the past couple of months. I had to turn on the aircon as the room was a bit hot and humid at that time. I couldn't also help it but wonder why my baby smiles and laughs a little while sleeping. strange but quite cute if you ask me. ^_^

Monday: Got up early again and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast. When her aunt has arrived, I got my luggage bag ready as I head back home to San Pedro to unload some of my magazines there. I left at past 9:00am when it rain all of a sudden.I got a bit wet on my way to San Pedro but eventually, I was able to dry myself up (except for my shoes). When I got to Pacita Complex, I went to Chicboy for some lunch as I haven't had lunch there for quite some time now. When I got finally home, I got to unpack some of the magazines I took with me and rested for a while before taking the next bus bound for Manila. I felt asleep on the way as it helps me somehow kill time and before I know it, I'm already at SM Manila. I went to BDO to report an incident that our account was debited but I wasn't able to receive the cash. They say they will take a look into it and let me know within 5 working days. Then I bought some stuff for Migmig before having snacks at Kangaroo Jack and tried their merienda buffet. I liked their bottomless nachos as I got two platefuls of it together with some pasta that I must say Jollibee's are still way much better. XD. When I got back home, Migmig was already wide awake and took her out for some fresh air so her aunt could go home early. We went to her lola to spend some more time before going back home after an hour. We spend some more time and I gave her some milk already but she waited for her mom before she gets to sleep. When her mom took over, I was able to go online again to do some updates and read Sunday's paper before going to sleep early.

Tuesday: Got up early and let Migmig play at our room for a couple of minutes before we went down for some fun in the sun. When we came back, her aunt was already there ready to take over. I got to take the laptop down to warm it up before editing some pictures of my daughter. Inch by inch, I'm almost done with my project 365 and thinking if I should go beyond it or not. Who knows, I may =P. By lunch time, I'm on my way to the office to start my work week. Work was quite okay as I got some tickets to work on and check some of my posts. By dinner, I grabbed some wings from BWNT and had it in the office. I got to edit some of my posts after doing this task again. By the time my shift ended, I went straight home to my wife and baby.

Wednesday: Got u as early as 5:45am as Migmig was already awake. We went down at 7:00am since I had to get some more sleep and I let her play in our room. Good thing her aunt came early as I buy some breakfast for my baby. I got to take the laptop down and war it up first before doing my post-processing of photos which I got to edit some more sets before reporting for work. When I got in the office, my wife texted me saying that her meeting with the suppliers were already done and want's to meet-up at Starbucks 6750. When I got there, she was on my way to our office and I texted her to go back. We went to Greenbelt to have some snacks until we ended up at The Cheese Steak Shop after doing a pit stop at CBTL at The Residence. She enjoyed the cheesesteak sandwich I ordered and if she's not full from her lunch, she could have ate half of my 10" sandwich. She's glad she saw a high-chair there that we may take Migmig with us sometime soon. After our snack, I hailed a cab so my wife could go home and went to Bonchon to grab some wings to go. Work was quite abundant again as I got to answer some tickets. Good thing the phones were back to normal now as it was haywire a couple of minutes ago. For dinner, I had wings from Bonchon that I bought early this afternoon as I had to assist my colleague whose got swamped with calls and emails.After shift, I went straight home to be with my wife and baby.

Thursday: Got up at 6:00am as I had to wake my wife up since she needs to go to NBI to get her NBI Clearance. I know she's not used to getting up early but for a change, she needs to do it more often. I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast at Mc Donalds. But my daughter had something in mind while having breakfast. She kept on making noise that catches attention to most of the customers there though I guess they didn't mind at all coming from a baby. When we got back, I feel so sleepy I went back to sleep and got back up at 9:00am. I took the laptop down and instead of editing pictures, I sorted some pictures in their respective folders and transfer some from my CF Card to the laptop. Thank God the file transfer was quick and successful. By 12:30pm, I'm off to work and just got in the office in the nick of time. Work was quite okay as I got to answer 2 tickets before getting some wings again at BWNT. I'm thinking of taking my wife and Migmig at their Solaris branch to get the homey atmosphere sometime soon. Probably before my contract ends on September, I might do that. I got to do other things online except for job hunting which I may do it soon. I took the next bus home but I got to grab a bite of Magnum to beat the heat before finally going home.

Friday: Got up at 6:00am as my baby girl was already up, awake and active. I find it hard to keep up with her especially with less than 6 hours of sleep I have. Instead of taking her to Mc Donalds for breakfast, we strolled around the neighborhood showing her the place she will be calling home for a few more years. Instead of joining BMSD's walk along Ayala Ave, I edited more pictures of Migmig on her birthday presentation. I had to upload all of them as well before reporting for work. I called my wife to let her know that our family reunion/outing will proceed come mother's day. I was surprised when she told me that her aunt won't be able to take care of Migmig starting Monday next week as she needs to take care of their rice store back in Fairview as her husband got a new job. I'm happy for them that they would earn additional income for their kid's future. However, this would be a major dent for us as Migmig is still unable to fully walk all by herself. I may get a suspension for the next few weeks as I need to adjust to Migmig's needs. Anyway, I hope we could find a long term win-win solution somehow. My other sister-in-law will be resigning from her work (its a different story) so I guess she can give us a hand for the time being until we find a way. I'm all alone here in the office for the time being and it's nothing new to me anyways XD. As for work, I've got a handful as I got to resolve/escalate most of them. I even had a 50-minute call from Malaysia that could have took me less than 10 minutes if it wasn't for communication gap between me and the user as she interrupts me most of the time. By 7:00pm, I head off to Persia Grill to buy some kebabs for dinner. Work still kept me busy as I need to consult my manager in the US about an issue that needs to be taken care of and it has been escalated by them. After my shift, I took the next bus home and stopped by 7-11 to grab a Magnum bar again before going finally home. 

Saturday: I got up early again to take Migmig down for some fun in the sun before we had breakfast at Mc Donald's. She always seem to enjoy every moment we have breakfast that I wanted to take pictures of all of her smiles. Maybe next time, I'll bring my camera with me to take pictures of her at Mc Donald's. When we got back home, her mom was awake and hand her Migmig so I could do other things. I left home a bit early but using my home slippers for work since its Saturday. I had only one call for the day but me and my colleague need to do a task that requires us to update user's contact information on our ticketing system. It seems pretty easy but doing 200+ is not as it takes atleast 2-3 minutes to check and update each user. I wasn't able to do much on other things as I was too busy with the task my boss gave me. By dinner, I went to Jollibee instead to save time and money and to complete the task. My eyes felt so tired and dizzy from the task I wanted to get some sleep right away. And when I got home, my wife has our things packed as we need to get up as early as 5:00am to attend my family's (father's side) reunion.

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