Sunday, May 6

Swabeng Food Trip: Me and my family at Naci

When you go to a restaurant, do you make sure that your appetite are satisfied when you left their door? Some may say yes, while others say no. I had my share of unsatisfied results not because of poor service nor poor environment but rather because of the food. Though it seldom happen whenever I (or we) eat out, I never set foot on that restaurant again after that.


When I've heard of Naci Comfort Food and Dessert Bar from Ensogo, it got me curious on how their food fare against my taste buds. The more it got me curious was after seeing several posts from bloggers on its recent opening. The food looks good on pictures from their blogs that I'm not sure how my shots would fare against them.



Anyway, we got there this afternoon at past 1:30pm with my wife and my daughter after making reservations last night. I informed my wife that they don't have any high-chairs for toddlers so we had to take turns in taking care of her. I used my 2 vouchers (worth 1000 pesos) from Ensogo and had a mental note on what to order.

While waiting for our food, we got their usual bottomless iced tea. While I got the Red Vanilla Iced Tea (90 pesos, bottomless), I told my wife to get the Lemon Iced Tea (90 pesos, bottomless). Her iced tea was just sweet enough while mine has this refreshing taste I finished my glass even if food wasn't served yet.

Red Vanilla Iced Tea? XD

Lemon Iced Tea? XD

Which is which? XD

For starters, I skipped the salad and take the soup instead. We tried their famous Tita Em's Chowder (175 pesos) served on a small bread bowl. It tastes just okay.

Tita Em's Chowder

Next was the Beef Caldereta Lasagna (310 pesos). Its rich, creamy and best eaten while its hot. I like the fusion of the two dishes most people (including myself) would love to eat.

Beef Caldereta Lasagna. So Rich, So Creamy!

My wife had a Baked Pesto Salmon (410 pesos). My wife loved it that's why I only got a bite so she could really enjoy her meal. The presentation was simple yet it would make you crave for more.

Baked Salmon Pesto (I only got a bite of it)


For me, I had Nate's Steak and Eggs (385 pesos). Its a two-piece patty with egg on top served on a bed of fried rice sauced with gravy. I liked how my plate was flooded with gravy. Thank God their gravy doesn't taste like ones in fast food dining. The burger steak was good that was complemented with the sunny side-up egg.

This is not for the weak of heart.

Then to cap it off, we had the Chocolate Ganache Cake (130 pesos/slice). I thought this was their signature flourless cake but still it tastes pretty good as well.

Taste their Chocolate Ganache Cake.

This is how its made XD

I was able to spend a few more minutes taking pictures of the place as well as our leftover plates before going somewhere.


Overall, the food was pretty good though I hope they would get 2-3 high-chairs for toddlers for a better dining experience. I would definitely come back to try their other dishes.

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