Tuesday, May 22

The week that was (May 13 - 19)

Sunday: My phone alarmed at 4:30am though I gave myself 15 more minutes before getting up 15 minutes before 5:00am. I took a quick shower and dressed-up before waking my wife up for her turn. I got to take a quick nap before she got back and dressed-up. I got a bit surprised as Migmig was still sleeping even if its almost 6:00am and were about to go somewhere. I hope she didn't inherit that habit from her mom though XD. We were able to board the bus bound for Lipa, Batangas at 6:45am. The travel was hassle-free except for the bus was running so slow. We got to our home in Bugtong at 8:30am as my dad and my other relatives were waiting for us. We took another jeepney ride to reach the destination and spent the entire day there (I'll write a blog about this). By afternoon, we went back home to Bugtong to get some rest before catching the bus back to Manila.Good thing going back home didn't took us long as we got a cab from Buendia to home in Sampaloc and got home at around 8:00pm. We put Migmig to sleep before I go online outside and at our room before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early to take Migmig out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donalds. Then we got back so her mom could give her a bath before going to bed for her morning nap. When we got up, its almost noon and my baby was already hungry. After her lunch, we went up then we went down again but she was throwing some tantrums again as I put her down on her walker for me to poo. I did it very quickly so I could attend to my baby's needs. We went up again to spend the rest of the afternoon. I got to change her diapers again and put her to sleep for an hour and went online at the same time before she got up again and wants to go out. We went to her lola at the stall as I grab a quick bite at 7-11 since I wasn't able to have lunch a few hours ago. We went back home at around 6:30pm just in time her tita (my sister-in-law) arrived from work. She helped me carry Migmig for a couple of minutes before taking her back up to put her to sleep. But instead of going to sleep, she wanted to play more (again). Thank God my wife arrived and took over from there. I got to read Sunday's paper before going to bed early to catch some more sleep. We didn't turn on the aircon since it wasn't that hot at that time.  

Tuesday: My wife woke me up and ask me to turn on the aircon since its quite hot in our room. For some reason, Migmig wanted to get out of the bed as early as 5:00am to play. Could have been my movement that caused her to get up. We tried our best to put her to sleep but she only fell asleep just as I was about to take her out for a walk. We finally got up at 8:00am and took her straight to Mc Donald's to have breakfast. Then we went back so her mom could give her a bath before putting her to bed. Since she has slept for an hour already, it took me a while to put her to sleep. Instead of getting ready for work after my mom-in-law gets back home, I do prepare earlier while my wife is also dressing-up for work then put my working shirt if I'll be leaving home. That works for one as my mom-in-law got back at 12:00pm. Since I haven't ate yet, I had to do a quick stop at World Chicken in Glorietta before reporting for work at 2:09pm. Work was just fine as I had to do the special task together with my colleague. By dinner time, I went to Greenbelt to settle our internet bill then off to Greenbelt 5 to look for a good place to eat. I had a hard time choosing so I ended up at Kenji Tei and got to try their Ramen (small). It tastes good plus they do have a high-chair for toddlers (like Migmig). When I got back to the office, I have a Magnum Ice Cream bar while continuing my task (I'd let my colleagues do the work like handling calls and emails). By the end of my shift, I went home right away to get some rest and be with my family.  

Wednesday: All of a sudden, the room feels warm so I had to fix our desk fan after my wife turned-off our aircon at 4:00am. Then, Migmig got up as early as 5:15am and wants to play already. With only a few hours of sleep, I had to keep my eyes open and let her do her thing. With my head spinning again, I let my wife took over for a few minutes for me to get some sleep before getting up at 7:00am to take her out for some fun. After having breakfast at Mc Donald's, we went back to get her walking wings so she could walk freely without me worrying of twisting her arm. When we got back home, her mom got Migmig's bath stuff ready and gave her a bath. I do assist my wife as our baby is so active she's having a hard time giving her a bath alone. Then I went online while Migmig took her morning nap and she got up an hour later as the weather was really humid (I turn on the aircon). Then I had lunch at a nearby carinderia before reaching the office at almost 2:30pm (late for the 2nd time this week). I'm all by my lonesome for the day (with my boss) but I had to complete the task that I need ty finish. Work was pretty much okay though I'm working on a task that I have to finish before my restday on Sunday. Good thing there were no calls nor emails yet about any issue that we had but I guess I have to expect the unexpected. Working by my lonesome, I had my boss take care of some emails and calls while I'm focused on our weekly tasks. While my boss was out for lunch, I got a single call that I was able to finish before continuing my task. By 7:00pm, I went out to buy some wings at BWNT and have it in the office together with two bottles of rootbeer. Dinner was really so good that it made me kinda energized and try to do as much as I can. After my shift, I went straight home to be with my family.

Thursday: Got up at past 6:00am feeling a little bit better than the previous mornings. Migmig was already up and awake but I am also up and awake as well. My mom paid us a visit with some breakfast goodies from Jollibee. I let Migmig had mine as she enjoyed her boneless bangus after we went out for a walk and have some fun in the sun. Its really hard having no one solely dedicated to take care of Migmig. I got to go online while Migmig was sleeping and she slept enough that my mom-in-law arrived back early at 12:05pm. I didn't waste time getting ready for work and I got there after being late for two consecutive days. I drop-by at Greenbelt 5 to get a brochure from Mr Jones before reporting for work and I got in the office much earlier than 2 days ago. Thank God my colleague for the day was in the office as well to help me complete the team's task for the week. I went out first to do some bank transactions and buy 2 vouchers (one from cashcash pinoy and one from beeconomic). My cashcash deal went through but I have to wait for my beeconomic though. For dinner, I wanted something at Sisig Hooray but unfortunately, they were already closed at 7:30pm (no more stock available). I had to go to food choices to pick out something else until I ended up at Manang's. When I got back, I had dinner with plenty of water as the chicken I ordered were so spicy hot I enjoyed it. At the end of my shift, I went straight home but I passed by 7-11 to grab a bar of Magnum. My wife and baby were both asleep so I just made sure they're comfortable before joining them in bed.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig was already playing at the floor of our bedroom. We had our breakfast at Mc Donalds as she walks her way to the restaurant. Then she was up to some antics that kept me awake and smiling while feeding her breakfast. When we got back, her mom gave some more before giving her a bath and tried putting her to sleep. I joined my baby for an hour or two before she got up and wanting to go down. Right now, one of the challenges I get into is keeping Migmig still in the living room. She keeps on walking and wanting to climb upstairs. By 2:00pm, we went back upstairs (with the aircon still on) and spend the rest of the afternoon playing. I tried putting her to sleep but to no avail as she's really full of zest and energy. By 4:30pm, we went out to her lola to spend the rest of the afternoon. That point, I had my late lunch while my wife texted me saying I should be in their office by 6:00pm. I had to get ready back home and inform my brother in law to take care of the store so Migmig and her lola could go back home. I never imagined that the LRT2 would be jam-packed at that time of the day. When I got to her office, I rested for a couple of minutes before were off to Eastwood to have dinner at Sambokojin (I'll be writing a blog post about this) as her boss would treat them as a birthday gift (my wife with 2 of her other officemates). After that hearty dinner, I got a little bit tipsy as I finished more than enough bottles of SML that I can handle. We spend some more time having coffee at Starbucks before finally calling it a day. When we got home, Migmig was still up and awake as we made ourselves comfortable before going to bed altogether.

Saturday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I took Migmig out. First, I'd let her walk without any support. Then we went back to have the walking wings put on her so she could walk freely without me worrying too much. She seems to enjoy walking and I was already sweating bullets. When we got back, we went up to wake my wife up to help me out. I got to do other things after giving Migmig a bath and joined her upstairs to put her to sleep. She throws up her usual tantrums again but eventually, I was able to put her to sleep before retrieving a file from our laptop. Then, I got ready for work and left early without having lunch nor breakfast as my tooth somehow hurts differently as compared to the previous ones. I bought some magazines that I should have bought early this month. When I got a bite of a pizza at MRT Cubao, it hurt so terribly my face gave me some goosebumps. I got in the office just in time and thank God, work was not that abundant. With my tooth's condition, its really had to enjoy my food as I just console myself with dinner from Jollibee for the 2nd straight Saturday. I got to do one email request while still trying to figure out how this pain in my tooth subsides. At the end of my shift again, I went straight home to get some much needed rest hoping that my toothache would be gone by tomorrow. 

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