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Swabeng Thoughts: Of Tooth Extractions and High Blood Pressure

Last Monday, I was supposed to have one of my tooth extracted. Unfortunately, the dentist wasn't able to complete the procedure as my blood pressure has shoot-up to 200. Initially, she declined doing the procedure as my initial blood pressure was at 140/100 (I never knew checking one's blood pressure prior to tooth extraction is a must) but went down to 130/90 so we did started eventually up to a certain point. The dentist warned me that I could have got a mild-severe stroke if she pushed through with pulling out my tooth. She had notice that my face turned red and I gave a loud noice of pain as she was twisting my dead tooth. Personally, I wonder how a dead tooth bring much pain while being pulled-out. Could have been more than a decade-old trauma has got back on me when I had a molar being pulled-out, screaming in pain even if more than 2 anesthesia was injected in my gums. When I got home that day, I'm thinking what if the procedure pushed through? I could have been paralyzed or few of my nerves could have probably snapped-out but somehow, I got to find a way. 

The next day (yesterday), I wanted to find out if maintaining a steady blood pressure has something to do with tooth extraction (or vice versa). Good thing I was able to find some answers with the help of Google. Here is one that I saw.

Taken from Google

Question: I have another question about my tooth extraction.  I was scheduled for this month, but I'm nervous about it and can't get my blood pressure under control.  I called the doctor and they are increasing my high blood pressure medicine.  I feel so mad because my tooth hurts, yet they won't extract it until the blood pressure goes down.  Any suggestions on how to relax in the dental chair.  I'm hoping they can just give me general anesthesia so I will be asleep through the process.  Any ideas you can give me would be so helpful.

Answer: Yes it is important to relax and yes anesthesia can assist the relaxation.  The high blood pressure you are experiencing is important to get under control before extractions or anesthesia.  The negative effects of high blood pressure on both can produce reactions that can be quite serious.

I, therefore, agree with whomever decided not to extract the tooth until the blood pressure is under control. So have your physician control your pressure and then the tooth can be removed without any major complications that high blood pressure can produce.

There are a lot of explanations and Q and A's that can still be found out there, but I'm happy with this one for the time being. I just hope my blood pressure goes back to normal (and stays normal) so I could have this dead tooth extracted and go on.


  1. I'm glad that you were finally able to get rid of the troublesome tooth. Have you been diagnosed as a hypertensive? Having a BP of 140/100 is quite alarming even if it happens infrequently. Hope you get to have a check up with your doctor. Personally I'd suggest a cardiologist. :)

    1. Actually, I have yet to have it extracted as my dentist refuse to pull it out for my safety.

      I was diagnosed last 2006 and since then, I didn't feel anything unusual until the time I visited my dentist.

      I'm still trying to lower down my BP as naturally as possible before I would consider consulting a cardiologist.

      So far, my dead tooth doesn't pose much problem now (I hope).

  2. Yeah! my dentist has warned me about this before. One time I need to have tooth extraction, he inquired if I have any history of hypertension before he did the procedure. I think this is really something important that we should all know.

  3. That's one troublesome tooth and blood pressure.

  4. Totoo pala yun... Buti ok kana...

  5. i didnt know extracting one's tooth is a hassle din pala minsan, dming checkups.

  6. Ouch. Scary pala mag undergo ng tooth extraction when you're blood pressure is up.

  7. Wow that stats is quite high (blood pressure). I think it's because you are quite tense about your tooth extraction so your bp shoots up!

    Ron of RonLeyba.Com

  8. May narinig ako sa place namin about a patient who died because of tooth extraction. The patient has a high BP without the dentist knowing the condition. Ayun. Kaya importante na kapag nagpapabunot, nagpapakuha muna ng vital signs especially BP. :) Noks Sosa I

  9. once you have a BP of 130/90 you are diagnosed as pre-hypertensive. More than that Hypertensive na. Please do not wait for it to shoot up again before seeing a doctor. Oftentimes, our bodies adopt to the high BP and we go around feeling normal...then a situation triggers the blood pressure to shoot up much higher and boom! dire consequences can happen.

  10. delikado, if you will have tooth extraction and mataas BP mo, baka mag shoot up ito. buti nagpakuha ka muna ng BP. Yahweh bless.

  11. This is very TRUE.
    It's always better to be SAFE than SORRY.

  12. Oh, dear. :(

    It's a good thing your dead tooth is not giving you any aches (?). Let's hope that it does not become bothersome until you find a way to lower your blood pressure.

    I'm assuming you've seen a doctor, since like some of the comments already said, please do consult a doctor; it's better to be over-cautious with your health. Heart problems are devious, my father died of a heart attack, so I am a bit sensitive when it comes to this topic.

    You are very lucky to have a very efficient dentist. One often reads about a simple routine going wrong.

    Keep us posted!


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