Tuesday, May 22

Swabeng Food Trip: Joinin' at Sambokojin

Last Saturday, my wife tagged me to attend their company's dinner at Sambokojin in Eastwood. I had to make sure Migmig is fast asleep before heading to Katipunan. When I got my wife's office, I was the only one missing before the convoy goes to Eastwood.

Since its my first time to have dinner in a smokless, odorless grill, I'm sure my stomach would look forward to have some grilled meat as well as their other food selection. I read some blogs about Sambokojin and I've read nothing but raves on how good this place is. 

Well I started off with some Japanese fares like their makis and sushis. Like a bottomless pit, they sure know how to make their customers enjoy their food. Just be sure to get a little if you want some space for your tummy for the grilled meat and seafood.

They do also have six types of sauces that fits each grilled meat or seafood. Since, I'm hungry at that time, I wasn't able to savor each one of them as I dipped each grilled meat and seafood on them. 

The variety of fresh food to grilled are pretty much okay, I mean, you can have more than enough without feeling the need for more. However, I wasn't able to try their cooked dishes which probably would give me enough reason why I should go back. 

For dessert, its ice cream over cakes. I got myself four big scoops of ice cream topped with marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate syrup. Most guest were surprised that I had my ice cream on a place instead of the usual small bowl for desserts, which I think they got envious as I have some space in my tummy for desserts.

For sure, I'll be coming back to try out their other food offerings. 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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