Tuesday, May 8

The week that was (April 29 - May 5)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun and had breakfast at Mc Donald's. Then when I gave her to her mom, I went to Max's in Intramuros to claim Migmig's birthday gift (one whole fried chicken). While waiting, I asked if my baby's ID is ready for pick-up but they said its not yet finished. I'm not surprised but I don't mind anyway. When I got the chicken, I went back home and had lunch before taking care of Migmig as my wife went to Divisoria to do some shopping. That leaves me again to take care of my baby. I made sure to turn on the aircon, before putting Migmig to sleep. I was able to get some sleep as well to recharge my body. When my eyes opened, Migmig was already awake and in her cheerful mood. I ask my wife's sister to stay in our room so I could do other things downstairs. Then, she pooped a lot. We almost had to wrestle to keep my baby still and to prevent her poo from spilling to our bed. My wife arrived at 4:00pm and I was able to get ready for the 5:00pm mass. Unfortunately while in the middle of the sermon, I need to go to the bathroom so I went home and went back to the church 5 minutes later. Migmig was not in the mood so we went to her lola's stall and yet she's not in good mood. It happens to be that she's hungry so we had our dinner at Jollibee. We went back home at 8:00pm and put her to bed before I joined them at past midnight. ^_^

Monday: I got up early to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun. My mom came to pay a visit first before she went back to work. By 9:15am, we took a cab to the hospital again for Migmig's monthly check-up. When we got there, she was at #14 as #2 was still inside the Doctor's room.We had to wait for almost 2 hours before my baby's turn. It didn't took me a hard time putting her on the weighing scale as she tries to balance herself and she gained some weight ^_^. Then its her turn. I thought she'd me more cooperative with a change of doctors (2 female doctors this time). But I guess once one of them starts to hold my baby, she cries out so loud, I guess people from outside can hear it XD. After that, we took a cab to Gateway to have some lunch there before taking the LRT2 going home. Well I was suppose to edit some pictures later in the afternoon but after seeing that device which helps babies walk without holding them, I took an FX ride to Trinoma and head straight to Landmark. I was able to buy her what we saw at the hospital earlier (Walking Wings) and at the same time take a look what's in store at Landmark's infant section. After that, I just strolled around Trinoma for a couple of minutes before checking my paycheck. I knew I'd get only almost half since I got a lot of absences and lates. My feet took me to Cinnabon to get some snacks before finally heading home. I got home at 5:00pm and freshen up before taking Migmig from her aunt and taking my turn in baby-sitting her. We went out again for some fresh air before we got back home. Her mom got home at almost 8:00pm and from there, its her turn. I was able to read Sunday's paper and go online for an hour before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up early to take Migmig out for a walk. That was a good time to use her walking wings to walk on her own. I had her walk from our stall to Mc Donald's before having breakfast. After breakfast.We went back so her aunt could take care of her. Then its time for me to relax a little bit as my wife used our laptop being a holiday today. I left home early at 8:30am not to go to work but to go to Mendiola to get some pictures at the yearly Labor Day Rally. Compared with my takes last year, I think I was able to outdo myself though I feel I have to be more careful and keep my eyes sharp so I could get better photos. I got back home by 10:30am to freshen up and get ready for work. I had lunch at a nearby carinderia first before taking an FX ride to EDSA and bus dropping me off at Glorietta. I got in the office just in time and started working. For dinner, I was suppose to have cheesesteak sandwich at The Cheese Steak Shop but unfortunately, they're closed on a holiday so it took me a while to look for an alternative until I end up at Toast Box for some Hainanese Chicken and Nasi Lemak (not sure if thats the name of the spicy soup). After dinner, I wanted dessert so I had Gelatissimo and got three scoops of Gelato. Since were piled up with work, I was unable to upload my shots for the Labor Day Rally so after my shift, I went home via cab.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:15am so I could take Migmig out for a walk. Using her walking wings, I was able to let Migmig walk without me holding any part of her body unless she wants to be carried. After giving Migmig to her aunt, I took the laptop down so I could warm it up before start to edit some more pictures. Somehow, with her aunt with us, I got to edit a couple of sets for the past 2 weeks now and I just need to get an external hard drive to free some disk space. Then I'm off to work at past noon and didn't took me that long to get to the office. Work was quite okay as I got some tickets to take care of. By dinner, I'm having a hard time to decide where to eat until I ended up at BFast for the nth time. After work, I took the next bus home and when I got home, I heard someone crying upstairs. It's my daughter having a discomfort of sorts so I comforted her before she was able to go back to sleep and I joined her thereafter.

Thursday: Got up at past 7:00am as I let Migmig play in our bedroom for a couple of minutes to get some more sleep. I used her walking wings again so she could practice walking all by herself. By the time we got back home her aunt was already there. By 9:30am, I'm off to San Pedro (I informed my colleagues that I'll be working half-day) with a quick brunch at Greenwich. When I got home, I unpack some things and sorted them in some of my storage cabinets there. By 12:00pm, my colleagues in the office informed me that my other colleague won't be able to report for work (sick!) and forces me to report early. I felt so pissed I want to smack their faces with my knuckles when I reach the office. But rather, finish everything and be there as early as possible. I took a quick stop at Krispy Kreme to grab some donuts to have some sugar rush in my body. I got to fix some tickets and requests before knowing its already dinner. For the second time this week, I wasn't able to satisfy my craving for cheesesteak sandwich as they're closed from 7:00pm-9:00pm for a private event. Its kinda frustrating that I haven't been able to satisfy my craving for the second time. Until I ended up again at Pepper Lunch for my usual dinner. Though I'm kinda off having the same meal there. I hope I could try their steaks come payday perhaps XD. Work was kinda steady as my boss had me to do some more tickets before ending my day and took a cab home.

Friday: Got up early since I had to take Migmig out for a walk. After taking her out for a walk, we went back to Mc Donald's so she could have breakfast before going back home. I was expecting that her aunt would be there when we got back but unfortunately, she won't be able to visit us since she's not feeling well. I don't want to get late again so my wife and I had a different strategy this time. I accompany my daughter to sleep with almost dressed-up for work. I just waited for my mom-in-law to arrive before leaving home at past 12:00pm. I had a quick lunch at a nearby carinderia before heading off for work. Good thing I got in the office at 2:01pm and I started working on some tickets. I've been working solo (together with my boss) for the past two days and so far, I was able to handle most of the requests and calls.By 7:00pm, I went to SM Makati to buy diapers for Migmig but I had dinner first at Mr. Bimbop (I forgot the name) and I was highly disappointed. When I got back, I'm just trying to wait for time until I have to log-off. I think I left the office a few minutes before midnight as I hail a cab straight home.

Saturday: I got up way too early at 6:00am as Migmig was crying and wants to go out already. Since I had only 4 hours of sleep, I let my wife took over for an hour before I took her down at 7:15am. We went out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast at Mc Donalds. I made sure we spend as much time as possible so her mom could get some more sleep. By 9:30am, my wife was finally in her senses and took care of our daughter from there. I left home a few minutes past 11:00am and got in the office at amost 1:00pm. I got to fix one pending ticket before going online to check some of my accounts. I had to wait for my boss to arrive before I left the office to check-out Bimmerfest 2012 at BHS. Unfortunately, because of traffic, it took me one hour before reaching BHS. When I got to BHS, it was raining though not that heavy. I waited for the rain to subside but it didn't stopped. I had to chill-out at Bo's Coffee and had my dinner at Chuck's Deli but the weather wasn't that cooperative. I went back to the office in dismay and took me another hour. By 8:00pm, I'm already back in the office and I got a call right away before going to the comfort room XD. That call was followed by several more though I was able to have it escalated and resolved on the other call. I guess the number of calls I had today is almost the same as the number of calls I have for a week at some point in time XD. Good thing that issue has been resolved plus my colleague from the night shift already arrived that gave me some time to check other things. I left the office at past 11:30pm and took a cab so I could be with my wife and baby.

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  1. not sure if it was in the Artist's Way book by Cameron where I read to make it a habit to write everyday, just to chronicle your life's story... or dahil ba na sa special ed dept ako e we need to document everything "to cover daw our a***" hahahaha.. but this was a good capture!:))


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