Tuesday, May 1

Labor Day Rally at Mendiola

Early this morning, I went to Mendiola (which is only less than 5 minutes away from our home) to see how the activity goes. I've been there last year (but I wasn't able to blog it) and I was looking forward to do it again. 

Every May 1 (Labor Day), various workforce groups gather up at various points. They usually stress out some grievances that most companies do give them. Whether they're only given a contract without any additional benefits or they're given less than minimum wage, they do have rights to air their sentiments.  

Compared with last year where there were only a few people, when I started shooting at 9:30am, throngs of people are marching to Mendiola via Recto. Its hard for me to see the tail-end of the rallyist until I went down the streets and took more pictures in front of them.

Well not all people (who are mostly not there in Mendiola) would share the same sentiment. Let me know yours so we could have a good discussion. ^_^

After that, I went back to the stage to take some more pictures before leaving for work. I know their activities would last all-day and I hope I could do that next year.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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