Wednesday, May 2

World Blogger's Day Today: It’s More Fun in Blogging and Social Media

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I've been blogging for quite sometime now and I never knew there was a World Bloggers Day until now after reading a post from a blogger friend.

When I was browsing through some webpages, I found out that my friend Az of Azrael's Merryland and founder of Manila Blogger's Network has spearheaded this event in Manila and now its on its third year already. Cebu is doing theirs today and I hope Manila would do the same within the next few days.

I don't want to bore you with long writings so here is the Press Release that can be spread by online media and bloggers world wide. ^_^

Like it. Tweet it. Link it. And now Pin it. "It is more Fun in Blogging and Social Media"


  1. I didn't know there is a World Bloggers Day. Hahaha! We should celebrate! =)

  2. Will that mean having a virtual party din? :) Nice to know about having an event like this to gather bloggers. :)

  3. Happy World Blogger's Day! I wish there was an online trending for bloggers today ha ha ha!

  4. Happy World Bloggers Day! Keep us posted..:)

  5. Of course...
    Many more bloggers are being added to the blogosphere.
    It's just right to have our special day.

    CONGRATULATIONS to all of us!

  6. Happy World Bloggers' Day to everyone!

  7. I know it's late BUT Happy Blogger's Day to you Sir Mark! :)

  8. ako rin i didn't know until a friend greeted me sa twitter.
    happy blogger's day rin sir mark :)

  9. Happy World Bloggers Day .I have been a follower of Worlds Bloggers Day. I hope there are more bloggers day like this.


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