Tuesday, May 1

The week that was (April 22 - 28)

Sunday: Got up early after a 3-hour sleep and took my daughter out for breakfast. She really enjoyed it that I didn't notice time flies quite fast. After giving her a bath, I was able to take a bath and got quick breather (slept for 30 minutes) before my wife woke me up and said that we should be in Jollibee by 11:00am. When we got there, they were just starting to set-up. My wife set-up the laptop and projector while I set-up my camera and took some test shots to see how it would go. By 12:00pm visitors have arrived one by one until the party area has been almost full of people. It was a tiring event that I got to sweat a lot even if the aircondition was at its maximum. After the party and settling the bill, one of my wife's officemate together with his family arrived after the party. We stayed for a few more minutes while we had to order some more food for them before we went back home. When we got home, Migmig opened her gifts one by one while I ate some more Spaghetti. Then we had a small drinking session with a big bottle of Emperador Light as our guest. I kinda missed those days when I got to go to drinking sessions like those. After almost finishing that bottle, we called it a day and I went online for an hour and a half before joining my wife and daughter not to sleep right away but to go online for some more until my eyes feel so sleepy. XD

Monday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for breakfast at Mc Donald's. Somethimes, I think if I should take her to Jollibee one time or stick with Mc Donald's. When we got back, I felt we need to get out again to have some fun in the sun plus to kill some more time until her aunt finally came back after a 3-week hiatus in the province. Thank God she came back as all of us missed her XD. By the time my wife left for work, I took the laptop down so I could start editing photos again. But I had to get online again so I could check my other stuff. By 11:00am, I started editing the pictures one by one. Also, I tried combining some of my old actions in Photoshop and make them to new ones. I did some trial and error as I wanted to make sure I'd be able to perfect it. So far, I made 5 new actions and I need to think of more soon XD. By 5:30pm, I'm done and I feel a little bit dizzy. I took Migmig from her aunt and took over from there. She was so energetic I almost poaased-out due to fatigue XD. Thank God her mom got home and took over. I was able to read Sunday's paper just today XD. By the time I feel so sleepy I joined them in bed as I turn on the aircon to cool up our room.

Tuesday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. By the time we come back, her aunt was already there and she took over. I got to edit some pictured before getting ready for work.    I went out at 5:30pm to try to have burger at Chili's (because of their Big Mouth Burger Day) but unfortunately, I saw a long queue that got me discouraged to wait. Instead , I looked for somewhere else until I got to Earle's Delicatseen and got their Beef Pastrami and took it with me to the office. By almost 8:00pm, we had our meeting with the IT Manager regarding our team's performance for the past couple of weeks. By the looks of it he's not happy as we got several negative feedback from the US though to be honest, I had nothing to do with it =P. After our meeting, I head out to Chili's in GB5 hoping I could try their burgers but I failed as the line got longer. I ended up having cheesesteak at The Cheese Steak Shop and spent 520 pesos for my dinner XD. I got back in the office stuffed but 520 pesos poorer and completed my shift before calling it a day.

Wednesday: Got up early again and took Migmig down at 7:30am. To my surprise, her aunt was already there and she helped me taking care of her. Me and my daughter went out for a couple of minutes before going back for her to have breakfast. My wife got up early to my surprise. I took the laptop down again to warm it up and edit some pictures. Slowly, I'm starting to lessen my backlogs which I hope I could clear all of them by the end of second quarter. I left home again early so I could be in the office just in time. But I got to buy some soap for my wife that she really needs. I did some emails to fix and do other stuff online as my colleagues took care of the rest. For dinner, I went to BWNT to grab some wings again. After dinner, I got to do a new task that had me ask a lot of questions for me to be able to fully understand how it works. And after 3-4 hours, I got to finish it, just one task XD. By the time I logged-off for the day, I stopped by at 7-11 to grab a bar of Magnum to beat the heat in the middle of the night. And finally, took the bus and jeep going home.

Thursday: Got up early again to take Migmig out for breakfast. We didn't stay there for long as she keeps on throwing things that her hands get into. When we got back, her aunt was already there, ready to take over. I took our laptop down to warm it up (went online for an hour) before started editing some pictures. This time, I editied Migmig's picture on her first birthday party. I didn't realize I edited almost 40 pictures in less than an hour. I was able to upload them and it was quite fast considering the file size of each pictures (1.9MB per picture). Then, its off to work I go and I got there just in time but I'll be working all by my lonesome as my other colleague won't be able to report for work. When I got there, I focused on finishing some tickets and stayed on a different PC so my other colleague from the night shift would be able to use our PC. For dinner, I went to BWNT to grab some wings again but I prefer the one I got yesterday. By the time my shift ended, I went to Mc Donald's to try their Big N' Tasty and it tastes almost similar with their Quarter Pounder but I wanted to write about it and see which tastes better. When I got home, my wife was still busy so I went to bed with Migmig.

Friday: For whatever reason, Migmig got awake as early as 4:30am and didn't want to sleep at that point. By the time I'll be taking her down, she fell asleep at 6:45am and slept for an hour. I did the same thing until its almost 8:00am. When we got down, her aunt was already down. Up to now, I'm still having toothaches that though it doesn't hurt, it gave me a hard time eating that whenever I chew, that's where the pain goes into attack. I left home early at 11:00am so I could be at Capricciosa by 12:00pm though I got there at 12:15pm. I handed them my voucher so I could have lunch there. I liked everything I ordered except for my toothache that keeps on bothering me and preventing me from enjoying my Sirloin Steak. I got in the office just in time for work and started to check on some emails and work on some tickets. Since I'm not that hungry, I defer my dinner until late in the evening though the pain when chewing still bothers me.I left the office at past 11:00pm and got home an hour later.

Saturday: Again, I was awake at 5:45pm as Migmig was already awake and wants to play, I was able to stall for time and went down at 6:15am. We went to Mc Donald's to have breakfast to kill some more time but I guess she's fed-up on pancakes so we went some place else before heading back home. We went back up to wake-up her mom and change her diapers (she pooped XD). Then I fell asleep at around 8:00am (I think) as my wife took our baby down to have breakfast again and give her a bath. They went back up at 9:30am for her morning nap and she joined me to get more sleep. I got up at past 11:00am and go myself ready for work. I even left home at 10 minutes before 1:00pm and yet I arrived in the office just in time. Work was quite steady so far as I got to edit some of my blogs and do other things. By 7:00pm, I'm working all by myself as my colleague left to take care of other things. So far so good as I got to edit some of my blog posts that needs to be cleaned-up.By 8:00pm, I grabbed some grub from Jollibee as I need to save money and at the same time, I'm all alone for the rest of my shift but good thing there were no calls to worry about for the time being. My colleague arrived early which gave me a sigh of relief. He had a call while I'm still there and he was able to handle it since he was able to do it several times. I left the office a few minutes past 11:30pm as my wife texted me saying she wanted something to eat at Jollibee. I got her some midnight snack before finally came home. I was about to go online but my wife was still using our laptop soI just went to bed and joined my daughter to dreamland. XD

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