Sunday, April 22

The week that was (April 15 - 21)

Sunday: Got up early as I had to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun before having breakfast. When we got back home, her mom was ready to give her a bath. Then it's photoshoot for her as she needs decent pictures for her upcoming birthday party. After the quick shoot, she took a nap while my wife and I got ready to hear mass. Unfortunately, we were late as my wife was at her usual slowness in getting ready (I hope Migmig won't inherit her mom's slowness in movement XD). instead of heading for mass, we went to Jollibee in Mendiola to settle our down payment. Then we took a cab going to The Frazzled Cook but I don't recall any landmark on where its exactly located. My wife got upset but I was able to determine how to get there the quickest. When we got there, we stayed for around 2 hours for our late lunch (I'll be writing a blog post for this). After lunch, we head off to SM Megamall to buy Migmig's dress for her birthday. But my wife told me that its best if our daughter has a high-chair so it would be easy for us to feed her. I felt so tired after buying the high-chair as I feel that its so heavy. We took a cab home so Migmig could have her beauty rest. My wife fell asleep as well while I read Sunday's paper before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early again to take my daughter out for some fun in the sun. After breakfast, we head back home so my baby could take her bath and get some nap. While she's sleeping, I was able to choose some pictures to be used on her birthday presentation this coming Sunday. By 4:00pm, I head out to SM Centerpoint to buy some diapers for my baby as she's almost running out of supply. After some shopping, I had some snacks before heading back home almost two hours later. I took over in taking care of Migmig until my wife arrived. I was able to free myself as she took over and enjoyed the rest of the night before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up early and took Migmig out before having breakfast at Mc Donald's (the usual). Then its off to do my usual daddy-duties as Migmig's aunt was still in the province. I know I've been losing income by reporting late for the past couple of days, but I hope Migmig's aunt would be back very soon. By 1:00pm, I'm decided to go home in Bugtong instead of reporting for work as I had to give my birthday invites to my dad personally and see if there are a lot of improvements. Going there was quite okay as I fell asleep on the way there. When I got there at 4:30pm, my dad wasn't there as my cousin was taking care of our place. A few minutes after, my dad arrived from our home in Pacita Complex 1. He got really thin since the last time I saw him (last August of 2011). He asked me several question that I got to answer before before I handed him our invite. He was looking forward to see his apo after almost a year and I'm sure he'll be surprised when he sees Migmig. I left at 5:30pm and got on the bus almost 30 minutes later. I decided to drop-off at SM Megamall by 8:30pm and had dinner at Yabu Katsu. Their Katsu tastes moist and crispy without tasting much oil that I'll take my wife and Migmig sometime soon. After dinner, I was hoping to get some coffee but all coffee shops were packed with people so I just took an FX ride but went online at a nearby internet shop just to kill time. By the time I got back, my wife was busy preparing for Migmig's slideshow and I can't wait to see the finished video.

Wednesday: As usual, I got up early and let Migmig do some walking exercise within our apartment. Good thing her lola was feeding her with pandesal at the same time which helped me save some money for the day. After my wife gave our daughter a bath (and she went to Divisoria early to do some errands for Migmig's birthday), both of us fell asleep but she hasn't had her milk yet. When we got up, her mom wasn't home until a few minutes after. It was time for me to get ready for work even if I know I'll be late for the nth time this month. I had lunch at Food Extreme first before taking my LRT2-MRT ride going to the office. When I got there, my work station was still occupied so I used another and do a lot of things online. When I got to my workstation, its all work and more play for me. By 5:30pm, I went to Digiprint near RCBC building to have my unshaved picture taken. When I saw my pictures, I was surprised how unpleasant I look XD. I mean, I looked like a goon but I wished I wanted to have a portrait of myself with a longer hair. After my mug session, I went to ArmyNavy to grab a Starving Sailor steak sandwich and some freedom fries. My fries were gone when I got back to my desk as I start to finish my sandwich. Still The Cheese Steak Shop was way much better if you ask me as I do some task my boss ask me to finish and I finished it by the end of my shift not with the help of a Magnum Ice Cream Bar. After my shift, I went straight home though I feel a little bit dizzy. When I got home, my wife showed me the slideshow to be presented and I liked the presentation if there was music into it (I know my wife will add music somehow).

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am as my wife was cleaning Migmig's poo. When I got into my senses, I took Migmig down and had her walk for a few minutes. Before that while I'm putting her shoes, I noticed a dry wound on her pointing finger (both feet) and my mom-in-law told me that could have been because of one of her sandals that may have caused it. When I noticed her shoe fell off, blood was gushing out on one of her wounds. Hence, I took her out of the walker and washed her wounds before deciding to carry her out for some fun in the sun. Then we had breakfast at Mc Donald's which she ate a lot before heading back home and we didn't notice that we were out for an hour and a half. We went upstairs to wake her mom up before she prepared her bath. After taking bath and cleaning her tub, I had her fed before getting her to sleep. I noticed that my USB's cover (4GB) was there but the USB itself was missing. I asked my wife if she has it as she took it to Divisoria the previous day to have Migmig's tarp and frame printed. Unfortunately, she forgot it there. And there goes my more than 5-year old USB. I felt mad and upset about it but I'd just move on and get another USB instead and be more careful. I had to edit another picture for Migmig's slideshow. For the past couple of days, I've been contemplating on my lates as Migmig needs someone to take a look at her and her aunt won't be in Manila until the end of the month (I hope). I don't mind getting late for two hours a day as I won't be extending my contract anyways. When she got up finally, we went down when she pooped again XD. We went back up and cleaned her (this is the task that I hate the most XD) before going back down. Sensing that she's hungry, I made cerelac for her while waiting for her lola who got back at 1:30pm. That was my cue to finally get ready for work. I took a pitstop at Meyer's to buy an extra battery for my flash/digicam before taking the LRT1 ride to work. Good thing work is still okay so far as I got to do other things online XD. Knowing that I'll be working solo again on a Thursday, I had to be up on my toes for the day. So far, so good. By 7:45pm, I had dinner at BFast again as I wanted to eat as much as I could to keep me energized. After shift, I took a cab going home so I could be with my baby and kiss her goodnight as tomorrow would be her first birthday.

Friday: Got up early as were celebrating my baby's first birthday. I couldn't imagine how time flies so fast. My Project 365 (I'm still thinking of posting it sometime soon). We went to church first (with my mom) to thank The Lord for giving us our daughter a year ago. Then we had breakfast at Mc Donalds which she ate more than I expected. Then, the usual daddy duties again and I got to use our laptop for an hour or two before Migmig got up again. I had to wait for my mother-in-law to arrive back before getting ready not for work but for the Transport Show at SM Megamall (I'll create a separate post for it sometime soon). After staying there for more than 5 hours, I was looking for a good place to eat until my feet took me to Yabu Katsu again for the second time this week. This time I ordered their chicken katsu and it also tastes good. After that heavy dinner, I wanted some Donuts from JCo but I changed my mind at the last minute and took an FX ride to go online at an internet shop near our place. Then I'm home at 11:30pm and relaxed a little before going to bed with my wife and my birthday baby girl. ^_^

Saturday: Though I've been in my senses as early as 5:00am (I fed her as I felt she was hungry), I got up at 7:00am as my wife told me to give her some breakfast. Its off to Mc Donalds we go for some sausage platter. Good thing, our daughter was in a good mood for most of our stay there as she ate a lot for her age. When we got back, we went out again to kill some more time and have some fun. When we got back before 9:00am, her mom was already up as her lola prepares the bath tub. As she slept through the morning, I got top read one of the photography books I purchased before Migmig got up abruptly. Even with the air condition on, she decided to get a little bit playful and poo XD. Just as I was about to clean her mess, my wife has just arrived to pick-up where I left off. For a change, I left home a few minutes past 11:00am and head to Glorietta 5 to attend an intimate blogger's meet at Bo's Coffee (I'll create a separate post for this). After the event, I went straight to the office and started working. The day was quite slow (except for weekend server monitoring) until I got a call that resulted into a global outage. After escalating the issue successfully, I went out to have dinner but instead of getting something heavy for my stomach, I wanted something sweet. After some thought, my feet took me to Cold Rock and had a large milkshake for 289 pesos (with free toppings). When I got back in the office, I had another call and took the remaining hours to configure 3 lotus notes users to shared PCs and I got them finished with a little help from my boss. I left the office a few minutes before midnight and took a cab and in less than 40 minutes, I'm home. Instead of getting to bed, I went online again until almost 3:00am. I hope I would have enough energy to cover my baby's first birthday party come Sunday. ^_^

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