Sunday, April 22

A tiring but successful First Birthday Party

Early this afternoon,we just celebrated Migmig's first birthday party. Being a dad, I can't help it but feel overjoyed as her party was a success despite almost all people I've invited didn't came (Thank God most of my wife's visitors have arrived).

At 11:00am, my wife and I arrived at Jollibee Mendiola to see if the set-up was complete and it turns out that they're still starting. While my wife set-up the laptop and projector for Migmig's AVP, I took out my camera and took some test shots to see which settings would work for me. I still recall my shoot at Migmig's Baptismal Party and I felt I need to improve a lot more after that.

When the visitors started arriving, I started taking their pictures and check them once in a while. I find my shots much better than the first one and I took more photos until our daughter has arrived (courtesy of my mom-in-law).

The party has started and I got to take more pictures. One lesson here is that "you can't cover an event all by yourself". Even with a small event, to get all best angles, two photographers should be present. Anyway, I got the most important shots though I wanted some shots that I wasn't able to take at.

Come eating time, everyone has enjoyed the food so far as my baby's AVP was played. For some reason, I wasn't able to see it clearly. It could be with the lighting, but with everyone eating, I guess they didn't mind.

What's a party without a mascot? Migmig had Jollibee and Hetty entertain everyone there from the kids to the kids at heart (me included XD).  Everyone smiled and laughed out loud as they enjoyed the 2-hour party.

By the time the party ended, I was so tired and yet happy as one important milestone has been achieved by my daughter. The place could have been more crowded if all of our guest came but we still thank those who attended.

Anyways, here are some more pictures.

Note: Her actual birthday was on the 20th of April but we moved it on the 22nd so our visitors could attend the event without taking a leave from work.

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